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GreyCup Train 100th Anniversary

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  • GreyCup Train 100th Anniversary

    Yes we are celebrating the 100th year of us Canadians competing for the Grey Cup. Yes the game with the three down rule and all those other interesting pigskin anomalies that are a mystery to all those who live to the south of us. Yes 100 years of football in Canada.

    So what better way to celebrate than to have a train tour across this country promoting this annual final.

    I could not make it to SLD Kitbusters with Ron Mike and the boys as I had to go down to the VIA station and see this train and of course the cup

    Very old and traditional and not quite the same as the Superbowl trophy. It has a certain charm that is apart of the Canadian sport fabric.

    Here are some close-ups of the art work on the locomotive depicting some of the modern greats.

    Looking the other way really shows how impressive this F40PH locomotive looks.

    The first car on the train depicts the history of football in Canada. Lots of Photos footballs, uniforms and helmets and stories how it all began and became the CFL.

    The outside of the car had Canada Post Stamps that are being issued as par of the celebration. Being an Argo fan here is one commemorating the mud bowl.

    The second car had lots of awards and trophies dating back over the century.

    There were three displays with the Greycup Rings

    The last car was the locker room with Uniforms and gear of many of the modern era greats.

    And it would not be football without the final highlight...Cheerleaders

    I asked Lela to snap this shot for fun

    While all this was going on the regular traffic of VIA was on the platform waiting for their passengers to proceed on board then off they would go to Montreal.
    Chris Lyon

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    Wow! Way to go Chris. So glad you made it over to the station. I haven't missed a Grey Cup game on television in 30 years! Yup, our end zones are deeper and we only have three chances to get our first downs, but the game is just as exciting as football south of the border! I'm not sure who was better looking...the lad with the #12 shirt or those pretty cheerleaders. Of course, we know the answer to that one! We missed you at SLD yesterday. [:-apple] [:-apple]
    Mike Hamer

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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      Didn't realize Canadian football has been around for 100 years.

      Good looking train and thanks for the pictures Chris.
      Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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        Thanks for sharing the pictures. I hope I can pick up this years game on one of the sports channels in the south.


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          Thanks for all the pics Chris.

          And best of all???!!! Teen heart-throb Justin Bieber, singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot, pop-rock group Marianas Trench and pop star Carly Rae Jepsen will perform at halftime of the league's championship game Nov. 25 at Rogers Centre, the CFL announced Saturday.

          Country artist Johnny Reid and rocker Burton Cummings will headline a special kickoff show before the game.


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            Nice shots, Chris! :up:

            And with that photo of #12, I now understand why it's the "Grey Cup!"

            I'm impressed that the locker room display is open to the public-- unfortunately down here most of that stuff would be gone in a flash. [!]

            So when does the HO version debut on the LVN?


            in Michigan


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              Had a super time guys. Pete. The locker room stuff and all the displays are all behind glass and they have security at the end of the coaches. Also there was a festival outside with loads of security as well. They controled the crowd numbers going through the train. The security guys were kind enough to let me go outside their zone to photo the locomotive from the front.
              Chris Lyon



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                Hey Chris,

                Thanks for posting, this VIA engine done up as the CFL train has been a sore point with me. When VIA first presented it, the french side was missing the word Canada. I was so bothered by this I immediately contacted VIA and complained, that was a month and a half ago.

                I'm glad to see from your photo that it was corrected. Shortly after my complaint I got a phone call from VIA President stating it was a mistake and it would be corrected as soon as possible.

                BTW... Chris you look great as an ARGO! Did you notice are hockey teams haven't lost a game yet this season. LOL

                Growing Old is Mandatory
                .... Growing up is optional!


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                  Hi Rick. The first north american like football game was played in Toronto in 1869. The game was very different in that there was no forward running allowed. Froward progress was made by kicking the ball from player to player. The game sure has improved since then. Well Ralph I didn't realize you had saved the day. Well done you. Go Argos go.
                  Chris Lyon



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                    During the train's visit to Ottawa I signed up for this cool fundraiser and my name has been imortalized on the "Fan Cup" in the CFL Hall of Fame.

                    Chris Lyon



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                      Great shots, Chris... kinda like the CFL w/ wide open play... some of the uniforms are a bit wild and Edmonton trying to look like the Green Bay Packers is just sacrilegious!... at least you no longer have two teams w/ the same nickname (Rough Riders vs the Roughriders!... how did that work?)... anyway, still prefer "the good ol' hockey game" if you know what I mean this morning.
                      Best regards -

                      Jim Fawcett

                      Scotch Plains, NJ