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Puget Sound Electric Railway in 1/24 scale

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  • Puget Sound Electric Railway in 1/24 scale

    Hi All - Aside from my intro post, this is my first one. This model railroad has been in the planning stages for more time than I care to admit. Now I've started building. I'm still a bit of a novice at just how this fiorum works, but will start by posting a link to my Fotki album of progress to date on the PSER.
    Dave Vanderwal

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    Dave, welcome aboard, and congrats on finally getting started on your layout! Looks like you've really put a lot of research and thought into it, which is great. Interesting prototype too. (And nice to see someone else modeling in 1/24th!)

    The rolling stock looks sharp! Is it scratch-built? Kitbashed?


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      Dave, Looks great. You have shown me most of these photos before but it's good to see you

      back at work. I'm sure it will be one of the really OUTSTANDING model railroads going.

      It's also nice to have another modeler in 1/24 scale.




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        Thanks Ray and Bob - Good to be back at it again.

        Ray, the rolling stock was kitbashed by a fellow in England from Bachmann coaches and resin cast roof ends and white metal components. They (the pieces that is) were available for sale w-a-y back in the early 2000s, but were at best spotty in their provision. I had a habit of buying pieces when I saw them as I know how they can emerge and then disappear for no apparent reason! Glad I got them now, as they are long gone from the "market".
        Dave Vanderwal