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  • HON2 Help?

    Wanting to do Gilpin Tram on my DGCCRR (details at

    Have 1 running Flying Zoo shay and 2 kits Flying Zoo shays along with 10 cars from Railway Recollections. All in HON30.

    Trying to figure out how to do HON2 (z scale) turn-outs and modify cars and Shays to HON2.

    Got some z scale trucks and I think cars can be modified pretty easily.

    Two questions:

    1. How to do turn-outs dual gauge HON3 and HON2. Might even consider making "dummy" Hon3 turn-outs with plastic rails to simulate HON2. Contacted FastTracks and they do not have a jig and were unable to custom make due to tight production. Any ideas?

    2. Modifying Flying Zoo Shays to HON2? With the kits I have one I can sacrifice drive from to try and re-gauge, any thoughts or hints?

    Thanks Cameron

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    Most Z equipment uses a deep flange code 54 wheel, and the N crowd uses various flanged code 72 wheels. The ideal HOn30 and HOn2 dual gauge would settle on only ONE wheel profile to construct dual gauge track. Retrofitting and modifying wheel profiles with this equipment could be done, but it is certainly a skilled activity. Note: there are code 55 wheel profiles for N scale available, but their flanges don't match the typical Z scale profiles.

    Constructing dual gauge track in these smaller niche scales will of necessity be handlaid. Here again, this is a skilled exercise.

    Look around and see what wheels are avialable and can be used and exchanged. Only then can you approach the dual gauge operations and the options for trackwork. Track specifications can be conformed provided some semblance of interchange with wheels can be used.