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MER 2012 Convention hosted by the Tidewater Div.

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    Just south of the convention hotel were two east/west main lines, one the Virginian and the other the Seaboard Air Line. The Virginian was taken up years ago and is now a trail named for the still existing tracks.

    Looking east along the trail, former Virginian track with the now CSX line on the right.

    Since the Virginian was last to reach Suffolk, they were cut off from the lucrative peanut business. They bought out a short line and built a steeply graded spur down to the river, right next to our hotel. They served the boats on the river moving peanuts and other crops. This track runs along side Cedar Hill cemetery.

    We heard many trains rolling through town during our visit, but we could not see them (hill in the way).


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      Traveling about 1/2 mile further south, we crossed the Norfolk and Western main line, today the NS RR. Now an overhead highway bridge eliminates traffic problems.

      The N&W built a solid brick freight station, which has been boarded up for some time. Too bad they cannot find a tenant or buyer for this. Over the door on the front of that small roof, the railroad name was in raised letters (stolen?).

      The back portion of the freight house was wood with a metal roof. The base was covered in plywood.

      Stayed tuned for more fun from the auction.


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        Just east of the freight station, the N&W Passenger Station still stands in good condition. The railroad is using it as an office. The windows have been covered up.

        I walked across the tracks at the grade crossing to examine the local engines. Strange to see SD-40s downgraded to this service.


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          Now that recovery from Sandy is underway and things have settled down, time to return to the convention.

          After the banquet Saturday night, the MER conducted an auction of excess model railroad products. The last item up for bid was an old model railroad module. For reasons only he could explain , Diamond Bill bid the opening amount (I think $35)[:-bouncy]

          When no other bids came in, Diamond Bill became the proud new owner. Immediately the 'abuse' began as dnhman (he drove) said that it could have fleas and did not want it in his car. Bill paid the cashier and asked dnhman (Joe) to help him carry it to the car.

          dnhman continued to object suggesting that the car did not have enough space. dnhman and Diamond Bill picked up each end and then . . .

          [:-shake] Wow, the module almost hit the floor -- not!

          His next ploy was a claim to destroy the weathering on the module by blowing [:-party] the dust off the module.

          Where can you have fun :erm: like this with your best friends. The final unanswered question is how will Bill work this into his railroad. The question will be answered at the next op session.


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            I'm still waiting to see what Bill does with that thing!


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              Originally posted by MarkF

              I'm still waiting to see what Bill does with that thing!


              The module was last seen on the workbench in the garage. Bill is trying to run a track up the wall of his basement, through the concrete slab and into the garage.

              Good luck Bill!