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  • 0n30 Lounge Vol.13

    Well let me be the one this time to open the new lounge. Freshly painted smelling new. Coffee and tea on the counter cold stuff in the fridge...

    Enjoy your stay !!

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    Martin, congrats on opening the new lounge.

    You realize it is your responsibility to find my old socks and sneakers and then bring them to the new lounge .....
    Tom M.


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      Originally posted by Tommatthews

      You realize it is your responsibility to find my old socks and sneakers and then bring them to the new lounge .....

      They are probably in here somewhere, Tom. :yuck:

      Any wonder why On30 has their own lounge? [:-scared]

      Here's to Lucky Lounge 13,

      Mark Chase

      Richmond VA


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        Thank you for opening the new lounge. I put some sugar cookies in the oven and brewing a fresh pot of coffee. It is a rainy day here and the oven will warm the place up.


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          Good day all,

          I go away to the Hudson meet, and I come back only to find that you not only moved the lounge, you changed the address..WTF. I did find it though...I have those skills.

          We had a good time up there, for those that don't know its a day and a half event with vendors and modules, and demos. I did a clinic on resin casting bringing my molds and some resin for those new to it to use. Others brought their own resin....lots of parts made on friday and saturday. I also tuned a new porter, 2 new connies with an install, fixed a HO diesel for a 13 year old, installed sound decoder in a gas mech, fixed a gas mech that had bad decoder. And brought several projects home.

          Got small gas station for the rear RR area..its the little banta station, much like the one larry built. Got 2 new Micro Engineering switches to try, and a load of Grandt line parts.

          My friend gave me a couple of buildings for the RR Service area (already built) and then gave me 4 pieces of brass, 2 kisco (spelling) cars and 2 Kisco cabooses...they are the wall etchings, I have to find power and trucks to go with them.

          Lots of good stuff, much to put away now.



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            Wow! I turn my back for a couple hours to work on the layout, and you move!!!

            Makes me think you are trying to get rid of me!!! (JK) Tom...don't waste time

            looking for your old sox & sneakers....Neighbors dog just buried them in the woods,

            and wandered off and fell over for some reason....

            Much progress made on the switchback...tore out old track and roadbed and build new'

            subroad bed for about 14 feet. Still a long way to go, about 8 more feet to the end of the layout

            and the new level about 8 inches higher than the existing one. More pictures later in my thread.

            Larry, we got the soaking rain today that wee needed so bad. Les, glad to see you made the trip

            safely, missed takling with you again.....

            Mark - that picture looks like my garage after this winter.....

            See ya all inna morning from rainy Walker Lake.....Geezer the 2 week bachelor!


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              A rainy windy night in South Jersey. Glad you moved to a place where the roof doesn't leak.


              "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                w'hay new digs. !

                les sounds like you had a nice time, i noticed we have a narrow gauge show coming up soon near me, if i remember the 7mm narrow gauge lot have their sales stand there, time to stock up on grandtline i feel

                need to get some stuff together for something tomorrow, ive found something for my davenport, ready to put a touch more primer on, still cant deside a colour..

                i failed to acknowledge bills post in my thread, not because of what he said, but because i was thinking "dang, how can i make a rake" gues what i'll also be doing today?

                hope everyone has a nice day, eggs, beans and chips on the side, with a fresh pot of coffee and tea.


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                  Thanks for coffee and bites Andy, couldn't find Toms socks and sneakers in the mess the old lounge looked like . But he a good morning all !!

                  Now on with the 1:1 and maybe a little rock thingie later today...

                  Have a great day !


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                    Good morning everyone and thanks for the coffee Andy,

                    Wow, sure was hard finding the new lounge, almost missed the ladder to get up here. Went to the last lounge only to find it locked. Fortunately, some left directions posted on the door.

                    Can't believe that we are at lucky 13 already, feels like we just opened the last lounge.

                    Spent yesterday installing decoders, so the pile is getting smaller. Even found time to cast some rock castings for the removable piece going in front of the electrical box.

                    Have a great day everyone.
                    Ron Newby

                    General Manager

                    Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                      Thanks for the new lounge. Hope there's room for watching hockey. I'm spending most of my time tidying up the Wellington and Manawaut (my garden layout). The plants go berserk in the spring and I'm pruning them twice a week and it's still not enough.


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                        Good morning all ... thanks for the coffee Andy ...

                        Les it is nice to hear you bought some goodies. They should keep you busy for a while.

                        Ron you must be a "decoder pro" by now.

                        I did yard work all week end. The temperatures are finally warming up a bit, + 21C today.

                        Have a great day ....
                        Tom M.


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                          Something around here smells like fresh paint... nice not to have that sour sneaker smell. You would have thought that we could have found those by following our nose's. Anyway, glad to see a fresh slate. Maybe I can keep up with everyone this go-around.

                          Have a great day modeling all.
                          -- KP --

                          Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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                            Morning everyone,

                            Like Kris I hope I can keep up with all the going on around here this time.


                            "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                              Thank you for opening the new Lounge Martin. I got a bit concerned when I saw Mark's image until I realised we had to go searching in there for Tom's sneakers and socks.

                              Please join me in a fresh coffee and your choice of pancakes or croissants. It is 6:30 am Tuesday here at the Museum and I have another busy day. Tomorrow,is a Public Holiday - ANZAC Day - when we remember our war veterans. The Museum will be closed except for an ANZAC Day service in front of the war memorial on the Museum grounds. It is organised by the Railway Sub-Branch of the Ipswich Branch of the Returned Servicemen's League. It has been held here every year since the memorial was unveiled in 1919 and generates a large attendance as people pay their respects on such a solemn occasion.

                              Raymond has the next six days off (accrued time)although he will be "on call" for work (the advantages of IT) as he can work from home sorting out any problems. In between any work requirements, Raymond is intending to do the wiring on our newly completed yard layout. We will then have two yards to run to and from and undoubtedly this will give us the impetus to continue with the next stage of the baseboard and trackwork which I am already planning.


                              David Mewes


                              The Workshops Rail Museum