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(1:35 ish) power truck information wanted.

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  • (1:35 ish) power truck information wanted.

    I want to build a 1:35ish critter and need a two axle power truck with a wheel base between 2.5" and 3" and length over frame of no more than 5".

    Any recommendations?

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    What guage track will it run on? HO track? if so this may help.

    The HO Bachmann hi rail school bus has two axle power truck with a wheel base of 2.75 inches.


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      John, I'm thinking the same thing.....I plan on using an HO/On30 mech and going to try to model approx. 2 foot track gauge.

      I've been looking at my AMS Davenport (Brass model of D&RGW #50)....I put a Lenz gold pak decoder in with "stay alive" is a very smooth runner and will make a nice larger scale critter with a new, taller cab.

      What are you thinking about prototype wise???



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        Sorry. My foolishness, Gauge 1 track! It's for my garden layout. That's why I posted in the Large Scale forum.[:-dunce]

        It will be a broad gauge model.

        EDIT: More info, I'm looking for a diesel/or electric truck, without siderods,


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          Well in that case John.....I remember either Tom Yorke or Russ Simpson build up a Plymouth style critter using some white metal castings for the truck sideframes. Then he installed a big micro motor to one axle using grandt line gearbox and then ran the Grandt Line chain drive between the two axles. You can then fabricate a nice "open" cab with the controls in plain view.

          Check out the Grandt Line catalog for their parts, or just google some G scale critter kits...

          Sounds like a fun project....tom


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            I was wondering if the Aristocraft Eggliner or Li'll Critter block would do?