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    Good evening friends. Just thought that I would come on here and ask a question that has been bugging me for the past three days. I was going to repair just a short section of my newly ballasted line and discovered something that has me puzzled My table top is made of MDF and I found out that when I ballasted the track and used glue (50% Elmers and water) that the glue had soaked through the paper surface and turned it into a real mess. As a matter of fact it looks as though the "glue" started to dissolve the ties and cork and just turned it into a big ugly mess. Well, I lost two turnouts and about 3' of track due to this condition. Has anyone else had this problem? The tabletop has been painted about 4 times so it should not have soaked through. I do not think that I can go for about 6 sheets of Homosote. Not at $40.00 per sheet anyway. Should I change glues before I do any more damage or what? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. For those of you who are battling the weather, here in the Piedmont we are all awaiting the arrival of winter. I mean, it has only been three times in 137 years when we didn't have any snow. Of course, we realize that with all this nice weather, there is some kind of payment that will be exacted; probably about 10-12" or so I should imagine. Have a good one all.


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    Where did you see homosote in Charlotte?

    Sorry I can not help withe the mdf question. I have been laying my track on old cork push pin boards I collected from office closings but I am running out. I have been using the same white glue mixture to ballest.


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      Hey Big Lars. No, I did not see any Homosote in Charlotte. As a matter of fact I don't think that you can buy it anywhere around here. There was some talk about getting it thru Home Depot a few years ago but even then there was a restriction on ordering (Nothing less than 10 sheets and $37.50 per sheet). Little too rich for my"green">id="size3">id="Georgia">