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Load/Industry Interchange artwork.

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  • Load/Industry Interchange artwork.

    If this is not an appropriate place for this topic, could an admin please move it.

    Down in the On30 Line some of us have decided to start a virtual load interchange program.

    To enter the program, you create a piece of artwork that can be downloaded and printed by anyone who wants it. The artwork represents a label for a product produced by an industry or shipper on your home layout (built or not yet completed)

    The idea is that others download the artwork, print it at an appropriate size, and create a load, or a scenery crate/barrel/drum/box/sack,..

    that they can use and display on on their own layout, so you can have or ship products that originate on other layouts.

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    Here's my entry as an example. I explain the nature of the product and the sort of containers that it might be found in and the time frame. Old barrels or drums might still exist today.

    One of the industries on my layout, set in 1915 and located on the California coast, is the Port Harford Asphalt Company. It ships asphalt products in barrels and sacks, but lasted late enough to ship in 5 gallon cans or 44/55 gallon drums.

    Here is the artwork for the label.

    Download Attachment: PortHarfordLabel.jpg
    20.83 KB

    You can print this to your scale, so my O scale industry can ship HO scale drums, although the labels will be tiny.

    This artwork was created in Paint and saved as .jpg.


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      Well, my Wyoming Valley railroad is a coal hauling line. And, this is the logo of the coal mining business it had in its control until the government stepped in and broke these business relationships back when Teddy Roosevelt was President. The logo used the Lehigh Valley's version as inspiration, since the Wyoming Valley has close ties to the LVRR.

      I created a jpeg file. I really wanted to upload a .emf file, but that format is not supported. The .emf file will allow you to download and resize the logo without losing its sharpness.



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        Cool idea John. I dont have a layout, but ill be sure to make use of your guys logos on my dioramas.


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          well ive painted 3 drums i had sitting around, printed out some labels and now have something to load into a boxcar at some point

          im undesided if i'll paint some colour on the top and bottom sections of the sides of the drums, but the labels came out quite well

          p.s. i know i said ive painted 3 and only shown 2, thats because the 3rd was still wet


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            That looks good, I was worried that the small print might not work. And, thanks, I'm flattered.

            Where's your artwork so I can have something for my Warehouse?

            For those of you who want to post to thos thread, you need to post BOTH the download version that does not appear, and the autoload version. It's easier to work with the download version.


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              came out well john, if im ever printing stuff for model use i set the printer to its highest setting, i printed some numberplates for cars and i can read them.

              ive gotta work on that, the only rail fed compnay i have on my layout is the farm supply and even then, no names because everything ive modeld is the back of the stores, but i'll think of something


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                "you need to post BOTH the download version that does not appear, and the autoload version. It's easier to work with the download version."

                Why? They're both the same thing.

                On a picture or graphic that shows on the page right click on it and select save image as (At least that what it says on my Mac, might be slightly different on a PC), rename it if you want and save it where you want.

                No need to do double the work.

                BTW - Nice job Andy.


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                  When I save form the right click, I seem to lose resolution.

                  What, Andy, you don't have a Cornish Pastie bakery?


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                    Originally posted by Schoolmaster

                    When I save form the right click, I seem to lose resolution.

                    Seem is the key word here.

                    Regardless of how you save a file the resolution is identical.


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                      lets try again

                      i remember why i dont use word, quickly made one, emailed it to john, saw the preview after, it got changed, so back into word, print screen, into paint, onto photobucket and here we go :P

                      bit rough but will do the time being


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                        What's it to go on?


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                          boxes crates and barrels and drums i guess


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                            John, as fertilizer in burlap bags or sacks.



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                              Any ideas how to print that on sacks?