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  • R/C for Large Scale

    I received a PM asking me about my R/C control and I decided to answer on the board.

    I have 2 1/2 R/C locos (one not complete)

    The first is my live-steam Fowler

    It came from the factory with two channel R/C, one for the throttle and one for the reversing lever and you can see the R/C set on the wall by the coach. The supplied a second crystal so I could change frequency if there was interference, or I wanted a second loco.

    The servos are fitted in the cab and the receiver, battery, and slo-mo boards (which slow the speed of the servo operation) are in the tender.

    I also have an Aristocraft/Delton old C-16 with battery power and RCS radio control that works very well. There is a small hand unit and batteries and receiver installed in the loco tender.

    I have a partly installed battery conversion for a C&Sed Bachmann Annie which will also use RCS

    Finally, I have a Crest R/C controller for my main electric power feed.

    Hopes that answers the question; if not ask more.

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    That's a neat little locomotive. What's it fired with?

    L&N nut



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      Butane from 'aerosol' sized cans I buy in Oritental msrkets at about a buck a piece.