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    Bill, welcome back.

    All I can think to say is WOW.


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      Some really neat craftsmanship here.....

      Good to see you back at it!

      Looking fwd to the finish.


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        Make that a double Wow!
        Joe Batson MMR#475


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          Triple WOW!!!!! ~mike


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            Greetings from sunny Iowa.

            Continuing with the air cylinder for the 9.5 inch air pump. After remaking the air cylinder and vowing this time to leave it on the bolt until completed, I moved on to the valve housings. These are basically check valves that control the flow of air through the air cylinder. Facing the pump, the receiving valves are on the left and the discharge valves are on the right. Since this is a double acting pump, there are valves on both sides (upper and lower) of the piston. This is what I’m trying to make:

            And from the back (sort of)

            Sorry, about the poor framing and poor focus, it was a pretty tight fit to get that picture. Also the caked on grease doesn’t help much either.

            The air manifolds are two rectangular blocks that run the length of the air cylinder. The valve housings are half round shapes on the side of the manifolds and only run about 6 inches from the top and bottom of the air cylinder. On the prototype, these and the lower mounting bracket are all part of the same casting as the cylinder. On the cylinder head side of each valve housing is an access plug that allows the removal of the air valve. Maybe I can save the rest of the thousand words and just give a drawing to show what I mean.

            At this point the air cylinder model has no front or back, therefore, marking the chord on the end of the cylinder to locate the valve bodies becomes easier. My best estimate is that the air manifolds are about 4 inches square give or take and extend about an inch beyond the back of the cylinder. Therefore, I marked a 0.060” chord on one end of the air cylinder using a piece of 0.060” styrene strip and marked 0.080” in from each side of the chord using a pair of dividers. I then mounted the cylinder in my drill press vice with the chord parallel to the top of the vice jaws. Then I carefully milled notches into the cylinder until I met the lines.

            I cut two 0.080” square pieces of styrene to match the length of the air cylinder minus the 0.020” ends and marked a line 0.060” in from each end. This will be the location of the valve housings. On the prototype this area is ribbed as well. However, I couldn’t figure out how to do this so I tapered the valve housing area so at least it was filled in and met the ribs on the cylinder. Then I cemented the manifolds onto the cylinder.

            And that was enough fun for one day.

            Thanks for stopping by.
            Bill Allen

            Arbor Creek & Middle River Valley Railway


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              Greetings from soggy Iowa. Hope you all are surviving whatever the weather is throwing at you today.

              Continuing on with the air cylinder. The area between the valve bodies is finned like the rest of the cylinder. I tried to represent this, though in retrospect I doubt it was worth the trouble, most of what I did was lost when I drilled the holes for the air inlet and outlet. It is a pretty small portion of the pump really. It was good practice working with really small bits of styrene anyway.

              I started off by cementing lengths of 0.10” square strip to the area between the valve bodies spaced in line with the spaces of the air cylinder.

              I then took some 0.010” rod and scraped it to thin it and cemented it in the grooves between the strip.

              Later I drilled a shallow hole to accept a short slice of 0.050” rod bored 0.030” to represent the airline attachment points. As you can see on this later photo this obliterated most of what I just did. Oh. well.[:-indifferent]

              More to come…
              Bill Allen

              Arbor Creek & Middle River Valley Railway


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                Beautiful work! Continuing to follow along with great interest ...


                Chambers Gas & Oil -- structure build

                Quality craftsmanship with a sense of humor! []


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                  Me too. Lurking and learning.
                  David Meek


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                    Bill Allen

                    Arbor Creek & Middle River Valley Railway


                    • Nice work!


                      • I just walked through this thread - great stuff! I'll be watching for updates.



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