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Length of Bachmann 4-4-0 boiler compared to 4-6-0

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  • Length of Bachmann 4-4-0 boiler compared to 4-6-0

    I got a hold of an old railway historical society bulletin from 1959 that had an article about the Tonopah railroads. I discovered some pictures I hadn't seen including one of LV&T #1. It is a 4-6-0 but it is very similar to the boiler of the Bachmann Richmond 4-4-0. If anyone has one of these, could they measure the length of the boiler? I am thinking about grafting one onto the 4-6-0 drive to make LV&T # 1 and 2. - Nevin

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    I was looking at that a couple of days ago. The 4-6-0 boiler is about .100" - .125" longer. I didn't get an exact measurement but can if you still want to give it a try.


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      Hmmmm. Use the screw though the smokebox to secure it and move the cab back about 0.125 inches. This might be worth exploring further. - Nevin