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The New DL-and-W Trainsheds in Hoboken 1911

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  • The New DL-and-W Trainsheds in Hoboken 1911

    This is a postcard postmarked 1911 and mailed from East Orange, NJ to Providence, RI. The card shows the platforms and trainsheds of the new DL&W terminal in Hoboken, NJ. New to my collection. Be sure to look at the next photo down for a close-up view of the passenger cars!

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    Other than the platforms being cracked in places and the awning needs a paint job, Hoboken still looks pretty much the same.

    I love the wrought iron gates that the platform attendants roll closed before trains depart.

    Gives the place a European touch.


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      The CNJ shed in Jersey City is very similar although I understand it lacks expansion joints in the roof structure.


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        I was searching the web for old pictures of the Hoboken Terminal and ran across this recent photo.

        This picture caught my eye for two reasons.

        First, it shows track 6 and that is where my first train of the day on week days departs from.

        Secondly, the fellow second from the right with the backpack is my engineer Pete.