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Something different, CNR Steam Generator car kit

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  • Something different, CNR Steam Generator car kit

    I found this kit of a Canadian National Steam Generator car on Ebay a couple weeks ago.

    It came with body, underframe and a blob of resin (it's a resin kit) that had a number of details molded into it. The kit isn't as detailed as the Rapido trains Steam gen but at 9.00$ (there's still a few left) it doesn't carry the price either.

    The grabs are not supplied but there are small indentations on the body for drilling them out. The resin walls are quite thick, probably about 1/8" so drilling the grab mounting holes out was quite a challenge until I chucked my #74 bit in my dremel tool.

    I already secured the decals for it

    They're made by CDS (no longer in business) I bought two sets through a hobby shop in Vancouver. I also have a set of Athearn express trucks on the way for it.

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    I added the grabs and details to it today.

    The grabs are all made from .019" brass wire as the instructions call for. One thing the maker could have done is to design the kit to use grabs from detail associates or another manutactuerer. I also sort of cheated a bit and used some pictures from the Rapido web site to check grab iron and detail placement since the instructions on the kit were rather crude.

    I added the end steps and some MU caps, and the exhaust capper as well. These were all part of the cast 'blob' that I had to sand thin and then cut the parts out of. The Resin is pretty brittle so you have to be carefull with the details.


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      Great project, I lived on the main from Toronto to Montreal as a kid and saw these cars many times a day as they moved out of Guildwood.


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        I've ridden behind them on a number of occasions when they were wearing Via Livery.

        I just found a couple pics I took in Vancouver in 1988:

        I noticed that this one has squared windows while mine has the round portholes. I'm guessing these were either a rebuild or a different batch.


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          They were all custom builds, do you have the Rail Canada books? There are drawings and pictures in the VIA edition.


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            I only have the CN and CP books. Via isn't my era (the steam gen is going green and black) So I never picked that one up.


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              Originally posted by Glen Haasdyk

              I only have the CN and CP books. Via isn't my era (the steam gen is going green and black) So I never picked that one up.

              Great choice of colors. This is HO correct?


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                Yes it is. I made sure I could get the decals for it before I purchased the kit. Then I bought two sets just in case I wreck one applying it.


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                  I got the body and underframe primered yesterday. The kit calls for zinc-chromate primer and as luck would have it we use that very primer at work in the paint booth. The painter was kind enough to spray it for me

                  It's a two part primer with paint and activator. I was told this stuff will never flack off, providing it's a clear surface to begin with.

                  I'll probably wait a week or so beofre painting the first color (gold) so the primer will be good and 'aired out'


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                    Been a couple weeks since I touched the kit but here it is in the midst of painting.

                    I airbrushed testors gold (acrylic) over the primer a week ago and tonight I masked the body and sprayed the CN olive green. in a day or so I'll mask and paint the black. Hope it turns out.


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                      Okay, don't look at it too closely. I had some bleed under problems with the gold striping so I had to lay the rub-on transfers over top. There's still some roughness that I hope to fix with some paint and a fine -tip brush but it is better than I had it before:


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                        I managed to finish off the kit today other than some light weathering.

                        I touched up some of my mistakes on the striping. If I was to build another one I'd use the decals for the striped instead of trying to mask it.

                        I used an Elmer's paint pen to color the grabs. As it turned out it was a pretty good match to the striping/lettering and I got alot better control than using a brush.

                        Now I have a few more details to add to my FPA-2's and I'm also looking for a Rivarossi CNR business/observation car to complete the train.


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                          The steam generator turned out really well. It looks just a good as the Rapido version.


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                            Looks really georgeous. Well done.
                            Chuck Faist

                            Burlington, Ontario

                            Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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                              Way to bring it home! I have an n scale kit of the same car if you want a new challenge.