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Champ decals out of business

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  • Champ decals out of business

    I was thrilled when I discovered that Champion decals offered "Tonopah", "Goldfield" and "Tidewater" in their private road name decals. I ordered like 10 sets of each in black, white and gold. I lettered some cars and they worked great. The problem now is that the sets have disappeared. I have a bad feeling that they got thrown away inadvertently. When I went back to the Champ website, they have now gone out of business.

    Any suggestions? Is there anyone selling these sets now? Do other companies sell letter sets like these. I've had to do the individual letters to make up Bullfrog Goldfield and it isn't fun. Making decals on my computer hasn't worked. The gold lettering is way to faint. Would a custom decal company make up Railroad roman sets for me without submitting artwork? Anyone here have someone make decals for them? Thanks in advance - Nevin

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    Rail Graphics does custom decals ... and you can just supply the road name and choose font:

    They've been around for ages ... I've used their services in the past with excellent results.


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      Thanks- That looks like exactly what I need. I'll give them a call. thanks - Nevin


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        I sent them an email but they want too many copies ordered per set to make it worth while. With 4 railroads in white silver and gold lettering sets it gets to expensive. I've contacted another company but have not heard anything back yet. Anyone have any other suggestions? Can you get a laser printer to print in gold or silver? - Nevin


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          I'm not sure but I think you need a ALPS printer for this. I use a professional print service in Germany who can do special work if you supply the artwork. Their website is and email

          They are quite fluent in english.

          I also found a good info page on the internet on how to make your own decals:



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            You might try contacting the new owners of Clover House. I don't know if they're interested in custom work, but it might be worth a quick e-mail.



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              This is one I had saved in Favorites and there's another good one that the On30 folks use but I've got to try and find the guys name....Here it is: Stan Cedarleaf of "Cedarleaf Custom Railroad Decals",out of Arizona,

              Stan Cedarleaf 928 778-3732

              Dave Mason


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                One alternative to lower the cost of custom decals is to get a bunch of people together. Each sheet would have decals for each person's railroad. Then one person buys the minimum order, cuts up the sheets, and distributes to the others...

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