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Installing Smokey Valley Handrails on an RS-1

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  • Installing Smokey Valley Handrails on an RS-1

    I received two sets of Smokey Valley Handrails for my Atlas RS-1 projects. These should be much more durable than the Atlas ones that seem to break every time I look at them. However I have run into an issue.

    On the RS-1 Walkway/frame assembly, there is a flange at the top where the railings would normally attach. The SV stanchion does fit, however the railing becomes angled because of this flange.

    Is the flange molded on the frame too deep? If it's not, do I notch each stanchion for that flange, or do I notch the flange for the stanchion?

    If the flange is too deep, do I need to just file it down, or attach a thin piece of styrene to build the rest out?

    I have never worked with the SV handrails before and now I am working on a matched pair of Rutland RS-1's, rolling my own so to speak.

    Appreciate the help.

    Phillip Blancher

    Modelling the Rutland in 1957