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  • HOn3 and HOn30 Lounge

    Its great we have our own location for us HO narrow minded folks now so i thought it might be worth starting a lounge for our general discussion.

    So lets get the ball rolling and see what everyone has in the works on their bench?

    Or tell us where and why you model in the scale.
    Owen Pass Lumber Company

    HO Logging Layout in a Shed.

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    Adrain, good idea.

    I'm one of the HOn3 group. I plan on a narrow gauge logging branch for my HO railroad that is patterned after the logging railroads of Pennsylvania. (There were many.) The one I chose is the Slate Run Railroad. So far I have been accumulating a few locos and scratchbuilding some rolling stock.

    On the agenda for the near future are a few more pieces of rolling stock including a water car, another caboose, and perhaps a passenger car.


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      Im in the hon3 logging crowd.

      Im planing a 2.5m (8 foot) shelf / shadow box style layout. More of a switching layout or a very large diorama to show off a number of Sierra West kits and a scratch built mill.

      I have a number of locos in various stages of re motoring (basically a bunch of part boxes) Rolling stock is very limited since most of the money is spent on structures.

      Having trouble getting motivated since its summer down here and works busy. The biggest issue is deciding if i go for BK turnouts or use my fast tracks jig.

      I need to buy a stock aid tool to help with construction but $70 od dollars (plus postage to aus) when i only need 6 turnouts.

      Any ideas on how to file the stock rail without a jig?
      Owen Pass Lumber Company

      HO Logging Layout in a Shed.


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        I have a bunch of new HOn3 track and turnouts ( shinohara ) if ever you decide to use commercial track.

        While I have a few HOn3 projects on the shelf, I've decided to stick to my dual gauge track & turnouts for a small shelf project.

        "M" ( Rubber Gauger :crazy: )
        " Stay Motivated in Life "


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          I'm now in a house where I can set up a dedicated train room.

          Space is 20 x 8.

          I was all set to begin an On30 layout,but then walked into

          my local hobby shop and saw a Blackstone Model C-19

          and K-27.

          I went back a few days later and ran them.

          I knew what was going to happen,but pondered it over for a good week.

          I guess I'm in HOn3

          I really didn,t see it coming.

          I've set up some Micro Engineering code 70 flextrack and

          turnouts on a workbench for the moment..

          I'll get the engines this weekend.

          I've got most of the lighting up,but still some more wall construction,etc.

          I'm really early into this project and it will come about as time

          and finances permit..


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            I have an HOn30 shoe box layout and sone HOn3 track and WP&Y cars. Still waiting for an WP&Y engine to show up on the market. Mostly still messing with ON30.



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              Adrain and company,

              Refer to my Portage Oneida Railroad layout here in the forum. A 10' x 15" with three turnouts and some flextrack. That was my original module idea with legs. Anybody could build this and have a switching layout for themselves. NO excuse to the " I don't have room" people. Too long?.. split in half and use quick clamps to hold together and put on the living room floor or the dinning room table.

              My module uses 1x4's to form a rectangular box with two intermediate crossbeams. I glued 2" foam on top. When I wanted additional contours I just added foam on top. The whole module was very light.

              This was to be my "experimental" layout for what I would do on my standard gauge layout... BUT... I was bitten by the "bug" and now have narrow gauge fever. I had the thought of going all HOn30 and getting rid of all my standard gauge stuff but my wife said... "Don't even go there!" She knows better than I so I just expanded the two footer into my standard gauge layout. Now I have the best if everything.



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                Originally posted by Derrick

                ...but then walked into

                my local hobby shop and saw a Blackstone Model C-19 ...

                I couldn't resit the C-19, Derrick. It is now half of my HOn3 motive power. The other half is this little beauty.



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                  I'm busy with room preparation - backdrop - and turnout building for my Pueblo & Salt Lake RR.

                  come to us

                  Pueblo & Salt Lake RR


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                    Good morning gentlemen,

                    I am assuming you will accept a bit of British 00n3 - that is 1:76.2 (4mm:1ft) / 3ft gauge - on your forum. I am looking to kickstart a long held desire to build a bit of the Irish Cavan and Leitrim section and am hoping that a bit of nagging from you might keep me moving. This will be alongside working on my B&M ho layout and building some stock for a club finescale 4mm layout so it needs to be serious nagging!

                    My first step will be to build a brass kit of one of the line's 4-4-0 tank locomotives, a representative of which I believe currently resides in New Jersey. I will try to keep you updated with my rapid progress!!




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                      I'm a member of the Great Lakes HOn30 Module Group and have several modules. Our modules depict the 2 foot gauge RRs that ran in Maine. Our layout is about 50/50 Maine prototype scenes/generic Maine scenes.

                      Jeff S.


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                        Seeing as how I'm dual gauge I guess I'm half narrow minded. My Elk River RR is coming along so well I decided to start another railroad in the other room and tie the two together. The new dual gauge ho hon3 is called The Old Town Wharf A New England Seaport. Just trying to get some turnouts made and plan track-age. Have a good day and keep training. Tom


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                          I couldn't resit the C-19, Derrick. It is now half of my HOn3 motive power. The other half is this little beauty.

                          That is a sweet little loco.

                          I've looked on other posts in this forum,but haven,t seen

                          any information on it.

                          Tell us about it.



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                            Hello, I'm a past member of the New England HOn30 Module Group. Now reside in Florida and have the modules setup in a small hobby room located next to my garage. Try to do some modeling every day. Will check in often



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                              Originally posted by DEFugere

                              Will check in often

                              Please do, David!


                              I have the info buried in the middle of my "Jersey Highlands HOn3 Pennsylvania Logging Branch" which I have moved to this forum. That is also where the info is on my scratch built HOn3 cars. From now on, I will do separate threads for these builds.

                              Anyway, this is a Brass Forney by LMB - probably released in the 60's or 70's. Another Bruce on the Forum (Steamnut) re-motored it, added working couplers, and painted it for me. Here is a link to the exact page that shows the before/after shots: