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    Although most of my favorites come from the 60's, Lady in Red by Chris DeBurgh really grabbed me for some reason.


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      Favourite song..... Beth / Kiss

      Favourite groups.... Bon Jovi / Motley Crue

      I find that if I've had a crappy day or just a bit down, I can throw in one of my DVD's and my mood seems to lift up. Amazing what music does for a person....................

      Great thread...........



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        Couldnt agree with you more Brad.

        Theres a tune for every mood.


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          Wow, what a wonderful thread.

          And so completely impossible. Where to start? Today’s playlist is a calm one, so I’ll give you some examples from it.

          On Friday it’s the party-list, so then it will be completely different.

          Jimmy Webb - By the time I get to Phoenix

          Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus

          Matching Mole - O Caroline (or anything by Robert Wyatt or Soft Machine)

          Gill Scott-Heron - The revolution will not be televised

          The Clash - Bankrobber

          Elvis Costello - Alison

          The Cure - A Forest

          Marc Almond - She took my soul in Istanbul

          The Bad Plus - Smells like teen spirit

          Esbjorn Svensson Trio (EST) - Dodge The Dodo

          That’ll have to do for now.


          I’ll be back!



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            Crazy of my favorite bands



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              Well, for me anything Country and Western from the 50's or 60's or even earlier. Sorry Mario.

              Every Saturday and Sunday when I'm in the modeling room, I load an album from the CW Tributes archive here:

              And any yodeling also interests me. Here's Faron Young doing one of his classics.



              Oh, and most any train song is also good to listen to.

              Dave Mason


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                Thanks to everyone that has contributed.

                I'm finding out about a lot of great music I'm not familiar with.

                Looking forward to more submissions from those that have already participated and from those that haven't yet.

                I know you all like music.

                Wes, I can't tell you exactly when I took that picture.

                Late 70s, 76 or 77 maybe.

                I love hearing female singers.

                Someone that I've been hearing on the radio lately is Adele.

                Adele singing Someone Like You -
                Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
                FaceBook link:


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                  My good friend here in Ottawa, Derek Debeer, was the former drummer for Johnny Clegg and Juluka, a band also called Savuka...the Zulu word for "sweat". This band was, and still is, an inter-racial band of musicians. While they continue to tour the world with many other main acts, they were well-known for playing the townships of "Jo-Burg" in South Africa during the years of Apartied. The theme of many of their songs helped break down the walls of apartied and Nelson Mandela listened to their music while in prison. When Mandela was inaugurated president of South Africa, he asked Johnny and Derek to play at the inauguration, which they did. One of their best known songs, "Scatterlings of Africa" played in the movie "Rainman" and other songs of theirs have appeared in major motion pictures.

                  Here is vintage footage of Johnny Clegg and Juluka performing "Scatterlings" in a very early music video. You'll see my friend, Derek Debeer on the drums at some point in the video.


                  Here is a recent concert where you can see that Johnny still has the energy for performing today!


                  This video shows Johnny inviting Nelson Mandela up on stage to sing a song called Asimbonanga.

                  Mike Hamer

                  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                    I am with you, but add Pink Floyd to that. I am not generally Country, but I do very much like Toby Keith.

                    Regards, Vic B.


                    Originally posted by k27rgs

                    Great photo Rick.

                    Like many of us baby boomers we grew up listening and seeing great bands. I've seen many , but will never forget watching "YES" and the Led Zepplin.

                    I like everything from classical to rap, but country and western is a turn off :yuck:

                    I made a short list on my web site, of songs to be played at my funeral [:-angel] , pumped thru 100,000 watt speakers [:-scared][:-headphones].

                    Here is one of my all time favourites I used during my sporting days for motivation


                    turn up the volume [:-shake] [:-sing]

                    Rock onid="size4"> [:-apple]

                    [:-snorkel] "M"


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                      Yes, Rick, Adele is a favourite at the moment.

                      I’ll list some more music from my list this afternoon.

                      Gregg Allman - Rolling Stone (his latest album, Low Country Blues, is fabulous)


                      in the same tradition

                      Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Please Read the Letter


                      PJ Harvey - Let England shake


                      Maia Hirasawa - The worrying kind


                      Miss Li- Don’t try to fool me


                      You asked for it, Rick!



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                        I see a lot of good music here. my favorites generally go back a little farther.

                        I like the old surf music. The instrumentales specially. Stuff like telstar, apache, pieline and surfrider.

                        Groups like the tonadoes, jorge ingman, ventures, eliminators and dick dale.

                        I also listen to a lot of new age like enya, david arkenstone, and tangerine drea. very relaxing music.

                        I am also a big fan of the chieftans and irish/scottish folk music.


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                          If you like Pete Townsend and The Who then you should really enjoy this:


                          Saw the movie version of Tommy and it was cool, saw Hair and saw Hair the motion picture; both were cool.

                          I have an eclectic thoughts on music. Goes all over the gammit.

                          Favorite song....don't have an absolute number one; but Doug Kershaw's Bully of the Bayou and Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams are pretty high on my list.


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                            Great topic, Rick.

                            I'll post more but I must say I loved this piece by the Sparks when I was young (and still do).



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                              Johnny clegg is also one of my all time favourites Mike.


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                                Originally posted by hunter48820

                                ...And something that I loved since a kid with a big 78 (that a girl sat on and broke!)

                                R. Addinsell / Warsaw Concerto



                                I was a child of WWII and that beautiful Warsaw Concerto was very often played in my household growing up. I've never seen that very moving footage before. Thanks.

                                Did you know that the piece was written for a long-forgotten 1941 movie called "Dangerous Moonlight"?