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  • ROCO Track cleaner

    I picked up this track cleaner at a swap meet for 1$ a year ago. It was painted bright yellow with black BN decals. A quick swim in some Isopropyl Alcohol took care of the decals and then a spray of boxcar red and some CDS transfers made it ready to clean thr rails on my layout.

    I should mention that it had truck mounted horn-hook couplers. I cut those off and added body mounted Kadees. It'll get a light weathering job since it would only be a few months old on my layout's time period.

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    Looks good, Glen. Let us know how it works.


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      Real nice job on the changes to that box car Glen. I have the track shiner/cleaner like that from A-Line, and out of all the cleaners I have, that seems to do the best job of all of them. Also, nice decaling work you did there! :up:

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        Thanks. I was thinking of replacing the molded on grabs with cast ones but since a track cleaner will probably be handled more I thought is best to keep it this way.

        We used them on our club layout for years so I know that they'll do the job. I'm not a big fan of using any liquids to clean the rails and I don't need them anyway since mostly the track just gets dust on it.