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    hi all. i'm a new member and have a prob. i live alone, never see local modelers (lousy work hrs), haven't built a layout in 27 yrs, have failing eyesight, can't decide on a signal sys, work 6 days/wk, use atlas true-track, live in cen wis, and bldg a layout that's too big.

    1. i model the wisconsin central RAILWAY'S (soo)portage branch, in the 60's. line used to run from stevens point to portage (wi), laid in fall 1875 and removed in '41. the depots at portage and endeavor are dilapidated but still-standing. the bancroft depot was moved to plover and rebuilt.

    2. i use atlas true-track and the layout plan TT-10, the shipyard-industrial---HO ga and std DC rail.

    3. i'm using 4-axle and 4-cycle power---alco's and ge's. the emd's only for the plover yard. the portage line connected to CNW at bancroft, GBW at plover, SOO at stevens point, and MILW at portage.

    4. i'm naming my rr 'buena vista creek rr co' and will reference it in this forum as 'BVC'.

    5. my BVC power will be painted conrail blue with yellow lettering, CNW or M-K-T-style nose stripes, and 'BVC' on the long-hood as-per GBW and MKT.

    6. the reasoning behind my BVC lettering is to 'family' as MKT, CNW, SOO and GBW all had nose-stripes and/or large initials on the long hood. there will be no tunnels or mts on this line, only granite monoliths. remember this is the glacial 'driftless area' of wis.

    7. i'll be asking dumb and redundant questions because i've forgotten much and need to re-learn. all answers will be taken seriously. i want to keep things simple and will worry about detailing, correctness, and exactness later. i need to get trains and signals going 1st. (i've pretty-much decided on rail-logic tech's block-animator for signals because my signals don't need to be prototypical and there'll be some signals lit in a constant aspect of caution or slow-approach).

    8. just turning 60 and 5 yrs from retirement. trying to learn gardening and bldg a model rr for something to do. i can retire apr 18 from my employer with full health benefits and profit-sharing. but i'm still going to work. been working since i was 7 and don't know how NOT TO WORK.

    thanks all. terry witkowski. waupaca, wi

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    Welcome to the forum. While I'm still a good few years from retirement, two of my passions are model railroading and gardening. In fact, I use the flowers from some of the shrubs in my gardens for trees on the layout. I guess you could that visiting my garden is like visiting the local hobby shop.

    To see how the trees appear on my layout, check out my Boston and Maine weblog below. I use the flowers of the Spirea and Hydrangea shrubs as well as the autumn perennial plant called Sedum.
    Mike Hamer

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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      Welcome to the forum. I'll be turning 60 this year, and just retired on Jan 1st. Model Railroading and gardening sound like two good endeavors for your retirement. Again, welcome, and thanks for telling us a bit about your layout.


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        Welcome aboard Terry. 60, been there, done that


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          Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy the ride!! [:-bigeyes2]


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            Gidday Terri,

            Welcome to the Forum.

            Big layouts can become very overwhelming, especially if you live alone and have no rail buddies.

            My suggestion would be break it down into do-able chuncks. Choose a small area and completely finish it so it then reminds you of where you are going with it. Too often people start with a monster track plan and then the track and benchwork mock you for years everytime you go in there and the layout never gets finished. I hope some of the other Wisconsin gang members get in touch and provide support, otherwise just keep checking in here and you'll get supported. Don't try to get too much done too quick, I find now that If I just do little bits very often, stuff gets done to satisfaction. Again don't let it overwhelm you or you could start to resent where you are with it.

            It's a hobby and you should enjoy it, not see it as some monster you have to tame.




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              WELCOME ABOARD the Railroad-Line Forum, and thanks for the profile. I'm two years older, was forced into retiring prematurely, and currently building a small layout. So we have some things in common. From your profile, what you are attempting to build around sounds very interesting.

              I share in the seeing and hearing categories you mentioned as well as multiple joint replacements. My eyes were one reason I switched from N to HO scale some 14 years ago. By all means, please share with the forum what you are doing and your progress. Glad to have you aboard and BEST REGARDS,


              Originally posted by terry60

              <font size="4"><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color="blue">Allen</font id="blue"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></font id="size4"> []<br /><br><b><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font size="3"><i>Modeling the East in the West on the <font color="green">Northeastern</font id="green"> <font color="blue">Pacific RIM</font id="blue">, <font color="green">Oregon</font id="green">, that is!</i></font id="size3"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></b>


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                Welcome aboard Terry.

                I'm still many years from retirement. I guess that's a good thing as I'm too young to retire, but a bad thing as I have way too much to do in my personal life and WANT to retire! And I'm sure when I get to retirement age, I'll wish I was younger! Just can't win, can you! :erm:


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                  Terry, Welcome! Mark, you look old enough to retire!