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  • Proto 2000 CN cars

    I just finished up two P2K projects today

    First is a 50' auto boxcar that was an undecorated kit

    After assembling it (a challenge) I painted it Boxcar red and used CDS dry transfer decals on it. It's lightly weathered with Polly-s dirt on the lower sills and along the ladders and running boards

    Next is the Proto2000 mill gon. I bought this at an estate sale for cheap so I decided to go all out in weathering this one. I used a grey and black wash on the sides, then airbrushed dirt and rust inside and out to make it look well used. I airbrushed the trucks grimey black witha light spray of dirt over top. This will be one of two scrap gons that I have.

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    Glen very nice weathering on the cars
    Chuck Faist

    Burlington, Ontario

    Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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      Nice work Glen.

      I especially like the gon.


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        Nice work Glen,

        When you put on the lettering, were you able to apply it on flat paint or did you put on a gloss coat first? I will be using some dry transfers soon and am wondering if I want to gloss coat, like you do for decals, or if you can leave the paint dead flat?

        Thanks and regards, Vic Bitleris


        Originally posted by Glen Haasdyk


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          Nice Job on both Glen.

          Phillip Blancher

          Modelling the Rutland in 1957



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            i like the gon, great job!


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              Thanks everyone. Those CDS decals are getting harder to find so when I come across some CN ones that i figure I'll need down the line I pick them up.

              Vic, The gon came factory lettered, I just weathered it. The autobox was undecorated. I painted it (airbrushed) with Floquil boxcar red (Flat) and lettered it right on that. I did let the paint sit for about a week before I added the transfers so it was good and cured.


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                From what I've heard, dry transfers work better on flat paint.

                Gloss paint is used with decals so they can be "floated" into position.


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                  Nice paint job & weathering on the CN 50' box - I like the trucks. But not to diminish, did you notice the ends of the running boards were loose? I mention it mostly because when I've not gotten those joints firm, I've had accidents where the running board tore loose along more of it's length. Should be easy to fix with a weight and a bit of solvent cement.


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                    You're right, I'll have to fix that.