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    What it says. I would like to run a larry between two points .. forward .. and then back. No switching. A larry is basically a self-propelled hopper running off a overhead line.

    It will be about a 4ft run in O scale. The reason for it? My Coke Oven Bank. At least some of the ovens used 70# rail between each of the ovens acting as ties. The larry rail was then bolted to these rail 'ties' .. again using 70# rail. Interestingly they used a wide gauge .. 6ft gauge. The reason for using the rail 'ties' and for the wide gauge may have been to clear/protect from the heat from the trunnel openings (think chimney). In any case it doesn't matter .. it will simply 'look cool'.

    For strength and simplicity of construction the 70# rail (code 100) soldered to the 70# rail (ties) would work for me. Since this would electrically tie everything together .. using an overhead wire .. aka traction .. would allow using the track as one polarity and the wire as the other.

    So. A look on the net and I found Current Line Models. The Trolly Poles on the website show .. a multitude of combinations of 2 and 4 spring, vertical, horizontal, back, forward, wheel and wiper poles.

    Here's a photo of a larry. I'm guessing this shows a 'back' and 'wheel' pole mounted on the larry.

    Suggestions as to what product would replicate this .. from the Current Line Models or some other place would be appreciated. What would be needed to pull power from a line .. suggested reading .. slap to the head .. whatever.

    Re-Inventing the wheel is so .. wrong.