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A bit more progress on the In-ko-pah Railroad

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  • A bit more progress on the In-ko-pah Railroad

    I finally put in the last passing siding -- something that has been put off for a very long time.

    This area features some of my first attempts at making miniature stone walls and bridges, and they didn't line up quite right. At the time though, I expected the track to sit lower, so it wouldn't have made much difference. Once I got the mainline in, it ended up being higher. So I couldn't put in the siding until I got the stone walls leveled. I also wanted to wait until I had some construction finished above this area. Here's how it looked:

    And here it is, finished:

    I also put in a switch and a short section of track for a future industrial spur. The spur will cross the mainline, so I can't finish this part until I get a suitable crossing:

    Here's a view from the front:

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    I can only guess the amount of hours / days that has gone into creating the stone walls and bridges :up:
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      I think this stone bridge is really cool looking!!!

      great job Ray!!!


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        Looks very good!!!


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          Thanks! BTW, in case anyone missed it, here's the latest video of the layout:


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            Really great looks stone work and rocky hillsides.


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              Ray, very nice segment of track. Interesting to see the methods for a garden train. Definitely not the same tools as inside...