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Fancy, miniature retaining wall -- In-ko-pah RR

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  • Fancy, miniature retaining wall -- In-ko-pah RR

    I started work on the site of my second town. It's on a slope, going up from left to right, and I needed a scale retaining wall to support the road. I wanted a slightly fancy, cast concrete retaining wall. I finished it yesterday evening and got it cemented in place. I still need to create an extension of the wall at the lower end, and then put in the road behind the wall. Here's how it looks so far:


    I have step-by-step details of the build on my website, beginning here:

    I won't be able to do any further work on it until after I return from my annual Nevada camping trip (I'm leaving Thursday morning).

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    You left out the closing bracket after the first IMG tag:

    Quite the wall!


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      Oops! Thanks for posting the correction. For some reason it won't let me edit my original post.


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        Nice wall Ray!

        You can edit a first post but the forum is a little tricky. You first need to highlight the entire post and copy it onto your clipboard.

        Then when you click the edit link just paste the entire original post from your clipboard into the field and then change what ever needs to be changed.

        Hit the Post tab and it's done.
        Dave Mason


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          Having returned from my Nevada trip and finished updating my website, I spent some time the past few days finishing up the scale retaining wall and road for my second town. Here's how it looks:

          If you want to see how it was built from the beginning, go here:

          To just see the updated construction pics, go here:

          I still have to create a grade crossing where the road meets the tracks.

          Eventually there will be a small depot to the left of the road, in the spot currently occupied by a pile of loose rocks against the base of the cliff. There will also be an industrial structure at the siding in front of the retaining wall.


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            As always it's a pleasure to view your updates Ray. I look forward to more.


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              Very nice Ray!