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Catskill -and- Ramapo Apple Car

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  • Catskill -and- Ramapo Apple Car

    Just as the D&RGW used stock cars for seasonal sheep hauling, the Catskill & Ramapo had a small fleet of boxcars with small slide doors on the end of each side to ventilate apple crate loads going off for re-loading onto standard gauge reefers. There were screens behind the vent doors to prevent trash, birds, and bugs from blowing in and the large cargo doors could then be kept shut and locked. The letter 'A' next to the 'Food Loading Only' designates use for apple cargo. Occasionally some enterprising individuals would be caught trying to prop a ladder against the side of a loaded car in order to help themselves to fresh New York State apples. This is a kit that I've had for who-knows-how-long...don't remember the manufacturer, possibly Rio Grande Models, detailed with 'house' parts and PBL trucks.

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    A very nice (and unique) car, Russ. I love the Ramapo lettering. (Then again, I do live in the Ramapo Mountains and graduated from Ramapo Regional HS.)

    Nicely done!


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      A very nice looking car, Russ. I assume your comment about propping up a ladder against the side of the car is based on personal experience.

      Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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        A very nice car, Russ. And I agree with Bruce's opinion on the lettering : great look!


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          Thanks for the compliments, Guys. I found the box for the is from a Rio Grande Models Sn3 Florence & Cripple Creek 30 ft. box car.