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    A week ago I was in Nicaragua with Jane. Picasa doesn't 'tag' pictures, so family shots are mixed with structures and scenery, but perhaps those among the narrow-minded who model south of the border will find them interesting/useful. This album has shots of the former station in Granada (east end of the FC del P de N) with some preserved equipment.

    I took some shots of the station in Masaya on Sunday:


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      Back to nature in Puffing Billy Country, Australia.

      Images by Linda & Mario

      regards Mario

      " Stay Motivated in Life "


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        Here are some pictures taken at the DT&I Modelers Meet last Saturday in Malinta, OH

        Historical area in Malinta, OH consisting of a DT&I (Ex AA) Caboose, the Malinta NKP Depot and Maintainers Shed.

        DT&I #125 Caboose, one of 5 obtained from the Ann Arbor for DT&I use.

        Ex-NKP Depot in Malinta, was orginally moved to Grand Rapids then back to Malinta accounting for the lean in the building. The actual depot site was about a mile up the old grade, the caboose is actually on the old NKP main that went through Malinta, the DT&I main was about 1/2 mile east of this location.

        This is the building for the Pohlman Stockyards, you can see where the chute used to be on the left side of the building toward the old NKP siding. Cattle were purchased in Kansas, then shipped to Pohlman, where they were fattened up before being sent to New York for slaughtering.

        Thats all for now!

        Rick J


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          I posted some pictures of this sand unloading facility at a cement plant in my "biking and rail-fanning" thread. A friend of mine, who is a much better photographer, took some additional photographs, so I thought I'd post both his and mine here. Perhaps someone will be inspired to build a diorama - it sure would make a nice model!

          The crane is at the rivers edge and sand comes in by barge. It is moved from the barge to the input end of the conveyor, and carried over the (former P&LE) tracks and the biking/hiking trail to the cement plant. The whole thing is at the end of the Station Square parking lot, if you're in Pittsburgh and want to take a look.

          The preceding pictures are by John Polyak. The following are mine:

          Edit: on today's ride, I discovered that the crane is on rails and can move freely from left to right along the water's edge.



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            44 or 45 Ton Loco at Greenfield Village

            Ann Arbor, MI circa 1968

            Nitro WV Sep 2012

            Roadside marble and granite contractor


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              Derailed covered hopper at Warren road siding Ann Arbor, MI

              Asphalt plant


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                Up at the NER Convention in New Hampshire, Bonnie and I (along with Pete (Orionvp17) took a ride on a Budd RDC on old B&M and Maine Central tracks.

                The RDC started out life on the New Haven, and passed thru several hands including the NYS&W just before the Conway Scenic bought it. We had a great time including time standing up with the engineer.

                This trestle is on old B&M tracks. It was one of several locations where we got off for run-bys.

                Some industrious beavers had raised the water level up above the roadbed on this old Maine Central line. I took this out the back window, so I'm not sure if the water ever covered the rails. I do know that we were making a wake on the water.



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                  Caught a few pictures while on vacation in Texas. First up is my first sighting of Ferromex.

                  While waiting for the railroad museum in Rosenberg to open, I caught this easy target.

                  It was holding when we arrived and was still holding when we left 3 hours later.

                  I also caught this while waiting.

                  In Oklahoma on the way home I found these.



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                    Maine is still feeling winter's grip. Pittsfield Maine two days ago:

                    NORTHERN TERMINAL COMPANY - The mainline to the Maine Coast


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                      Strasburg Railroad last Saturday

                      Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                        At tehachapi loop

                        A kansas city southern unit we saw leaving Barsow yard, by luck, just as we where arriving back into barstow, (the award for quickest U turn ever..)


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                          Bonnie and I were out in Phillipsburg, NJ two weeks ago and I took these shots of an ex-O&W Milk car, ex-L&HR flanger, now belonging to the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians.

                          Here is a little history of the car and some more photos. It seems in worse shape now than when the museum purchased it.


                          The site of the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians is the old CNJ yard and freight house in Phillipsburg.


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                            Pan Am Railways business train returning from Massachusetts to its home base in Waterville Maine on Saturday 3/29

                            NORTHERN TERMINAL COMPANY - The mainline to the Maine Coast


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                              Fredric's foray into railroading in Amazonia got me digging around and I came across these photos of railroading in Costa Rica...these were taken in the vicinity of Puerto Caldera/Puntarenas. The line is 42" gauge

                              The locomotive is a GE UB11

                              My wife and I were on a tour at the time and circumstances did not permit much railfanning


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                                When I visited Costa Rica about 10 years ago, I saw a lot of tracks in the banana growing area around Guapiles, but all was abandoned. Where was this?