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  • Hi guys.

    I just finished this one. It was originally supposed to go on my smaller 'Fault Lines' layout (to show at train shows in the future), but after a bit of rethinking, I have decided to put it in Tellynott. It will find a home to the far right of the 'extention'. It is scratch-built, but based on Bar Mills 'Tylick Tools'.

    As the sun rises on a crisp autumn Saturday morning, Jake, the Bull Terrier cross, manages to get the Andrews children into strife once again!

    More soon, cheers, Mark.


    • Very well done, Mark! :up:

      I like your colors, lines and finishes...

      Would have been a cool "build thread" too!


      • Man, guess I missed a bit lately, love this last structure and your Tabaconist turns out great Mark !


        • Mark, good to see you back on the project again. The signs look great, just as if they were painted on the buildings. And the brickwork :up: . The elevation is excellent.


          • Hey Mark - glad to see you're back at this post - one of my favorites!

            Nice new addition -



            • Hi Mark

              Got your email. Will call maybe on the weekend.

              At this stage I might head your way mid Jan 2014 and catch up for a day or two.

              I'll be on my own, so the doggies won't be a problem.

              Heading to "middle earth" to do some writing [:-graduate]

              talk soon


              " Stay Motivated in Life "



              • Thanks for following along Carl, Martin, Frank, Nick and Mario and for all the positive comments. I'm busy hacking away at polystyrene scenery on my small 'Fault Lines' layout at the moment, but will be back at this one again soon.

                Cheers, Mark.


                • Wow Mark I just tripped over this topic, I really enjoyed reading along.

                  You have a spectacular vision on the go there, hope you post more.


                  • Hi guys.

                    Thanks for your compliment Lynn!

                    Well, since this topic has resurfaced, I should update! I have been spending a lot of time working away on my 'Fault Lines' portable show layout recently. However, late last year we finally got some sort of a date on our earthquake repairs - mid 2015! I'd been holding off on any large changes to Tellynott, but with this information thought I would charge on somewhat. You may remember that some time ago I placed my corner diorama and back wall diorama together side by side? And I was so taken by the depth of the longitudinal scene that I took it upon myself to completely rework the shape of the layout so that this scene would be possible? Well that is one of the things I have been spending my Christmas break doing. The track plan was stripped back to its bear essentials (with the help of many of you good people!), the supporting post negotiated, and a new shape developed.

                    The old plan

                    The new plan

                    The main differences are:

                    * Enough room to stand in front of the post and view the corner diorama up close

                    * A significant cut out at the right end of the layout in order to get a view through the back wall diorama to the corner diorama

                    * A stripped back track plan to the bare essentials

                    The main sacrifices are:

                    * Less water area including no rail ferry

                    * Less real estate

                    I believe the sacrifices are minor. The is also the added advantage of all the track now being within reach.

                    More in a second, cheers, Mark.


                    • I see there might be some property negotiations to the west. That’s always a good thing.


                      • Part two.

                        View looking right to left showing the room now in front of the post.

                        View looking left to right showing the cut out (you can see the imprint of the old shape on the wall.

                        The old view towards the Tellynott corner module

                        The new view towards the Tellynott corner module (far straighter)

                        Pretty much exactly the same angled shot as above showing the view that the new configuration will give.

                        I angled the new front L-girder bearer to sit flush with the front of the two cut outs at each end. The two joists either side of the furthest jut out (where the engine house will go) are canter levered by 12". This seems quite sturdy. I had to use a veritable plethora of power tools in the deconstruction (!!!) and there was a fair amount of propping while changes went on. I'm not too sure what I will do about the ceiling yet. The beam between the post and the wall hangs down lower than where I need the ceiling height of the layout to go. It is possible, however, that when the repairs are done on the house that those beams need replacing. If they do then they will no doubt be able to be replace with steel, and I might be able to reduce their height and eliminate the problem. I want the layout completely unconnected to the walls of the garage. (remember, the whole layout will have to be removed and stored off site for the repairs - this has been the main reason for my swapping to working on the portable layout). I thought I might be able to use 3/4" square tubing to make up 90 degree L's which I could attach to the side of the joists and attach a backdrop to the vertical section. I could then router a slot in a sheet of MDF to fit into the top of the backdrop, making it removable (I did this quite successfully with my portable layout). I want the dropped ceiling to protrude past the layout (probably 8"), as I have found that I get significant shadowing at the front of my layout with the valence vertically in line with the facia. Lots to think about!

                        More soon!!! cheers, Mark.


                        • Holy canter levered Mark!

                          Congratulations to you & your layout,for surviving the power tool intensive surgery!

                          Then I can't even imagine having to move this all out,and place it into storage.Yikes!

                          How long is that going to take Mark?

                          Nevertheless,it's all going to be better in the end once all that stuff is behind you.

                          Good luck with the removal of the next pieces!

                          Greg Shinnie


                          • Hi Mark,

                            I've really enjoyed reading your updates - one day I'd love to make it back to Christchurch to see your work in person. Fantastic work, and I've also sent a PM.


                            • Thanks Greg and Bede!

                              You're right Greg - I don't even want to think about it! We have so much stuff! Mind you - I helped my Boss move one time (only once) and he had 7 fridges (7!!!). And no, they weren't all filled with beer!

                              great to have you along for the journey, Bede. I have PM'ed you back with answers to your questions. You would be welcome to visit!

                              Cheers, 'Mark.


                              • Again, angles and verticality. I love what you do, Mark.

                                You should apply at Weta. They love angles and verticality too.