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  • An introduction.

    Hello to all,

    Looks like a good forum and being a long time Model Railroader I figured I'd join in and see what I can learn as well as share the knowledge I've gained over the many past years of enjoying the hobby and camaraderie others involved.

    I'm working on a 10'x 21' folded dog-bone style shelf layout that has two elevations to the single track mainline with various passing sidings and a few spurs along it's cintinuous loop. At least that's what I planned but changes are possibly in the works as things progress. I'm using Railcraft [RC]/Micro Engeering weathered code 70 for the mainline and RC code 55 for the siding and engine houses and logging trackage.

    I'm hand laying all my track and building my switches to fit the situation as most all my equipment is 2-8-0 Consolidations or smaller with a couple of Old Time Diesel Box Cabs for track cleaning along with a couple of two truck Shays and a Mack Sailbus along with a couple of 4-4-0's.

    This is a freelance HO gauge line loosely based on the C&S, D&RGW & RGS and the logging will be more tied to out West. I may add some HOn3 trackage too as I have at least one older Brass engines that I'd like to use as it's a little gem of a Teakettle.

    I've planed the layout for simple operation using the DC block system. The way I view the situation of operation is that most of the time it's just going to be operating one train so it

    will work just fine for me and the wiring is simple enough with the buss lime run around the under side of the L-Girder joists for ease of connecting the track lead to.

    As far as controlling the train I have an old Troller 2.5Amp transformer and a few years back

    got a Radio controled Basic Train-Engineer from Aristo-Craft and really enjoy being able to move around when I operate my trains even on only about .25 of the full trackage it really makes it enjoyable.

    Talk with all of you later.

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    Welcome David. You'll find a lot of good friends and info here. 8D
    Dave Mason


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      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the welcome, it's appreciated! Likewise for your Patriotic Stance, My thoughts and feeling and thoughts exactly!! Btw, I was back to Mass about 7 times with the last time being in 2000, I was handling my Aunts Estate in Marion and flew into Logan all the time and drove down to the South Cape area. Dad was from there too, NB, and I sure loved the Sea Food, much better than out in Calif.

      I see we are both modeling the same thing approximately but in different scales. A buddy out here also bought some On30 stuff and I sure due love it but with all the HO equipment and kits I have, several are FSM's as well as money being tight now, on the slack side, so I'm more than glad to stay where I'm at and feel for the space I have my medium sized layout is more than enough.

      I'll have to post some pictures of my work in progress to give you and others a bit of an idea of what I'm attempting to accomplish.