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East Broad Top Kits Now in Sn3!

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  • East Broad Top Kits Now in Sn3!

    Funaro & Camerlengo is a small kit manufacturer that makes resin rolling stock kits from the transition era, mostly in HO scale. They re-released an EBT boxcar kit in Sn3 and I picked up a pair at the Springfield Train Show.

    The price is 25.00 per kit, less trucks and couplers. They do come with excellent decals that I will use for the car data. More news is that F&C plans on re-releasing the EBT steel hoppers in Sn3, too! [:-bigmouth] I placed a verbal order for 2 and they should be out in the Spring. This is a welcome change from the domination of the scale by manufacturers who will not produce anything but Colorado prototype models and allows modelers to add steel hopper cars to their roster.

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    You're right, Russ, about how nice having some non Colorado rolling stock source in Sn3 is. The outside braced boxcar is nice.


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      I'll bet you're happy to see F&C get into Sn3. I assume the kits are one piece castings.

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        Originally posted by George D

        I'll bet you're happy to see F&C get into Sn3. I assume the kits are one piece castings.

        Good Morning, George...
        They aren't one piece like most of the HO kits that F&C produces. I talked at length with Steve Funaro at the show and these were originally made for sale through BTS at one point. Steve said that he reworked the kit for better details and fit, so I'm looking forward to building them. He also said that he is going to produce the EBT hoppers in Sn3, too...a major step in providing Sn3ers with variety.



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          This is great news...where does one find the correct trucks for them?



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            ...unfortunately no response to my inquiries for cars...