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  • Heres some pics of the

    "Rocks,Trees,Brush & Debri",

    of the layout without using the camera flash,

    theres a feel of daytime daylight,

    but as if the sun is low over the mtns creating a hazyness in the canyons,



    • Great set of pictures!!


      • Hey Martin,


        Heres some progress shots of that last bit of foreground real estate I was working on in front of the "Carol Ann" mine,

        and the cabins in the corner,

        got the basic landscaping done,

        and the facia on and stained,

        also finished balasting the track,

        now I need to build some more trees!

        :erm: .....never enough trees!!!



        • Looking great Randy ! Maybe you should set your white balance a little different in the first 3 pictures, the look a bit blueish to me..


          • Hey Martin,

            I'm not camera wise as you can see[:-bigeyes2]

            but I dug into the manual to see what you were calling the white balance?[:-idea]

            figured out how to adjust it and took a few more shots,

            pics seem crisper,

            and the grey rocks are greyer instead of white,

            or that bluish hue when I turned off the auto flash,

            thanks Marty,

            today I made a little bit of camera progress,


            Well Martin,

            this ought to make for better pics of my layout,

            these pics seem very close to what I see with my own eyes looking at the layout,

            thanks again for the instruction,

            Well for sure,

            your never to old to learn something new!

            tomorrow I'll be 56 years young,



            • Randy, you're making lots of good progress.

              Great job on scenery.
              Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
              FaceBook link:


              • The recent sets of shots you've loaded on this topic have shown some great modelling, Randy. The scenes are shaping up beautifully.

                I, too, thought the pics were too blue, and I'm glad you've found your way towards more natural colors, they show even better the great modelling work you've achieved up to now.

                And apparently we've reached the day, so

                HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


                • Now these pictures I like a lot, great looking layout and greenery!! And a happy birthday mate, drink one on it tonight!!


                  • Hey thanks guys for the birthday wishs![:-party]!

                    Well for my birtday I kit bashed a bachmanns BIG HAULERS TANK car,

                    its a 1:22.5 scale I believe,

                    took it apart for the tank,

                    and cut 4"s out of the tank,

                    to make it set on a bachmann 20' 1;20.3 scale flatcar, a 20' flatcar is about 10" long,

                    the original tankcar was about 15" long,

                    or 30 scale feet,

                    heres a stock picture of the original car,

                    heres the kit bashed pictures,



                    • Very nice tank car, Randy.

                      The many little details give it a lot of life.


                      • Hey thanks Frederic,

                        Making that tank car was fun,

                        tho a little nerve racking taking apart the original[:-bigeyes2]

                        Two other cars I ordered for my B-day were a couple of 20' woodside box cars for the Columbia Pacific Mining Co.s narrow gauge short line,

                        need to send them thru the weathering car wash as well, 8D

                        Looks like I need to send that Porter thru the weathering car wash too![:-devil]

                        a little too bit shiney![:-smirk]



                        • Randy, your layout has come a long way! I like the amount of greenery you have put into your scenery.

                          Great camera progress!! That green really shows now.

                          I like the tanker car too.



                          • Hey Arthur,

                            Ya I've never made so much progress in such a short time,

                            this layout, I started posting last december just after I repainted the backdrop,

                            today I'm posting a few pics of my progress on a couple of outhouses across from the Carol Ann mine and warehouse,

                            thanks all for stopping by,



                            • Nice outhouses!!! Gonna post them in the 0n30 challenge to? As you know scale doesn't matter in this challenge...


                              • Hey Marty,

                                Ya, when I get them finished I will post them in the On30 forum challenge,