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"Columbia Pacific Mining Co."

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  • Well I got the trees built and flocked,

    and set into place,

    thanks to all of you who have been stopping by,

    and keeping up with my progress here on creating the "Columbia Pacific Mining Co." layout.



    • Very nice new series of pictures, Randy. The trees are beautiful, and I wondered if you couldn't add more foliage to some of them to increase the green tonality of the scene.


      • Hey Frederic,

        took a little break from the modeling this last week or so,

        outdoor springtime chores,

        Ya I'm all for greenery,

        they don't look bad in real life,

        My camera may not do them justice,

        Well I started to work on the little bump out land mass across from the "Erma V."mine,

        where the water tower will set,

        got to get some more trees built,

        and landscaping for this bump out scene,

        then get the facia skirt in place to start dressing up the front side,

        then be modeling on down the line all the forefront scenery on this side of the layout,

        Well friends,

        thanks for stopping by,

        and keeping up with me on my progress,

        here on the "Columbia Pacific Mining Co."




        • More trees coming! Very good, Randy.


          • Randy,

            Looks like fun .....
            Tom M.


            • Hey Tom,

              FUN IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!

              aint it!...hopefully!

              Well I got a little bit of progress this week on the bumpout piece of real estate,

              got some "frocks" glued in place,

              got the frocks plaster coated,

              then got them acrylic washed,

              then got in my basic forest floor ground cover thru out the frocks,

              Well I guess trees and brush are next,

              then the facia skirt,

              well thanks to all for stopping by,



              • Randy, I look foward to each update, it just keeps getting better. I used to have a G scale layout in the basement, but never saw the potential like you have. It's all gone now.



                • Me like, went from H0 to 0n30 never thought about even a larger scale....keep it goin mate very fine job!!


                  • Another nice scene, Randy. With the addition of the trees, it will provide an interesting foreground and even increase the interest of the background.


                    • Hey Roland,

                      good to here from you,

                      Well I never would of considered modeling in large scale myself if my back was not up against the wall trying to see things well enough with out the constant fight to focus in on the small stuff,

                      1/2"+ scale is alot easier than 1/4" modeling,

                      I'm able to enjoy modeling it as much detail as I want,

                      I've gotten further with this layout than any other I've done,

                      I never quit enjoying working on it,

                      tho now my pace is much slower with sping chores,



                      • Hey Martin,

                        Hey Frederic,

                        well I got a few trees onto the bumpout scene,

                        a little brush as well,

                        thanks everybody for stopping by,



                        • I love this scenery, Randy!


                          • Hey,

                            much thanks Frederic.

                            I love how this bit of realistate turned out!

                            its scenery is thick enough to create a good scene separation between the two mine complexes,

                            when you enter the room you can only see clearly the first mine ares,

                            when you walk around the bumpout,

                            then you can see the next mine area,



                            • Well I started in on the next foreground realestate just in front of the Carol Ann mine warehouse area,

                              theres another small canyon area and trestle crossing,

                              got the base foam in and the "frocks" glueed in.

                              Well my friends,

                              thanks for stopping by and keeping up with my progress,



                              • Well a few more progress shots on the real estate in front of the Warehouse,