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  • Randy,

    Great progress. What are you using for water?
    Tom M.


    • Hey Tom,

      What you see in the pictures is just paint,

      I want these upper pools to be dark to suggest deep water,

      then under the trestle level shallower,

      how to achieve all that we'll see how it goes,




      • Got some basic ground cover on the slope,

        my ground cover mixture is a pre mixed mixture of (real dirt,clean sand,and sawdust),

        I add greenness to it later,

        between the slope and the mine will be a mule shed and corral,

        now with the two cabins that are underway propped up on the hillside,

        Well guys,

        thanks again for stopping by,



        • This looks better and better, real fine job on the waterfalls, like what you accomplished with paint only..


          • The mossy canyon looks good, Randy. And it's hard to believe the waterfall is only painted. Bravo!


            • Thanks Marty,

              Thanks Frederic,


              what you see in the waterfalls and water is just a accident of construction,

              the riverbed and rocks are covered in white dilutted joint compound,

              the dark is the run off of the black wash put on the rocks,


              ]flowing together randomly you see what you see,

              maybe we've stumbled onto something[:-bulb]

              Creatures and logs in the canyon?

              Mama black bear and her cub,


              for now I'm building trusses for them two cabins,

              5 down 17 to go,

              I am using a jig to build them at least,

              fust have to wait for glue to set,

              Well thanks for stopping by today,



              • Those bears are charming (as models...)


                • Thanks Frederic,

                  "Schleich toys"

                  makes a number of animals and some figures in 1.20 scale,

                  and there about the 5th of what model railroad product companys charge for such things,

                  they are 1.20 in scale,

                  not 1.24 tho,

                  there big for true 1/2" scale,

                  the mules and the man with the mules,

                  and the woman at the mine are from "Shleich"toys,

                  a tip for you large scalers,

                  check them out,



                  • I love this brand (have bought quite a few for my son). Indeed they are really well done.

                    Be careful as their line also features a number of dinosaurs, among which some don't look very friendly...


                    • Well I got the cabins framed up,

                      siding and subroof next,

                      I ordered some corrigated roofing for these cabins to have a little different look on the layout so far,

                      take care friends,



                      • I really love the way the winding rails snake along this forest landscape, Randy. Very romantic and appealing!


                        • Randy, I haven't been posting much, but I have looked in on this thread to see your progress.

                          You're doing a fantastic job on the layout and at a nice pace too.

                          I like the scene you've created that is shown in your last two pictures very much.


                          • Thanks Frederic,

                            I really like the winding rail path along that side of the layout,

                            I needed it to come out away from the wall enough to create some kind of scene

                            between the rails and the backdrop in the middle of the room/layout,

                            that area is 4' deep,

                            its kind of the center piece,

                            a little more effort to work on that areas scenery and paint the backdrop,

                            going beyound the traditional 30" depths,

                            but it wasn't to bad at all to work with,

                            I wouldn't want the whole layout room that way tho,

                            the whole things coming along pretty good I think,

                            I'm very pleased and satisfied so far,

                            this has been alot of fun modeling in this larger scale,



                            • Thanks a bunch Rick,

                              I have been fortunate this winter to have some time to kill,

                              so no better way to spend it but to be creating a model railraod diorama

                              that fills up our spare bedroom,

                              I've been plugging along with it every day now

                              for a couple of months,

                              thanks for checking in Rick,



                              • Looking goood Randy, you givin the whole scene a very natural look...