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"Columbia Pacific Mining Co."

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  • Well I got the warehouse/bunkhouse roof shaked,

    tomorrow I will stain the roof,

    and ink wash the building one last time,

    put a little ground cover between the warehouse

    and the mine,

    In the days to come I'm going to get some more trees made up to put around the warehouse,

    (picture frame it a bit),

    and also get the Company sign up on the upper front wall,

    [:-sing]...well theres finally getten enouph stuff put together,

    to start maken it look like somebodys liven and worken here,

    on the "Columbia Pacific Mining co." diorama,


    I guess thats about it for now,

    as always friends,

    thanks for stopping by,



    • Oh ya Marty,


      that poor old bush has seen better days,


      too much oil and gas spilt on the ground around that shed area I guess!




      • Very nice staining work, Randy. I'm not sure the building still needs another wash of ink.


        • Ok Frederic,

          no more ink washing on the warehouse,

          in the pictures it does look consistant with the mine complex staining,

          so will say its good,

          as with you and your layout,

          on to big tree building,

          at least enough to work around and behind the warehouse,

          thanks Frederic,



          • Well I got some trees around the warehouse/bunkhouse,

            and got the canyon to the right of the warehouse,

            lined with "Foam Rocks"..."FRocks",

            when the glue sets up for the frocks I can start coating them with a dilutted jiont compound mix,

            to get them ready to then color wash them,

            chow for now,



            • That looks like FUN !!


              • You have a great sense to make these forest scenes stand out, Randy. It was already true for your O scale layout, and I think it is particularly evident in the pics above.


                • Hey Marty,

                  I'm only in it for the FUN!

                  and the creative outlet too I guess,


                  I love trying to model Pacific Northwest Scenery,

                  (freelance only)tho,

                  like I said to you on your great layout thread,

                  BIG TREES & WOODEN STRUCTURES!

                  those are my favorite elements to model in this hobby

                  of model railroading,

                  and with this layout to see if you can,

                  and let others see you can model a great layout

                  in large scale "indoors".

                  have fun modeling everybody,



                  • Randy, your scene is really coming together nicely. Great work!



                    • Thanks Mark,

                      well today I got the 1st coat of dilutted joint compound on the frocks canyon,

                      the canyon to the right of the warehouse,


                      then I also got in the pink foam (ruff in) slope to the left of the mine,

                      here I will build a gentle slope to the mine,

                      with a couple of cabins simular to what Frederic just built on his layout,

                      thanks for stopping by,



                      • Randy,

                        I had an outdoor G scale layout a few years ago.

                        If you had been into G scale indoors at that time I think I'd still be there with an indoor layout.

                        You are a great inspiration to the scale.
                        Tom M.


                        • well thanks for the kind comments Tom,

                          well if down the road you go from the darkside to the blackhole,

                          I have seen now you can do a decent indoor layout with lots of modeling fun and quality in a larger scale,

                          I think for an indoor layout the trick may be to stick to a theme that uses smaller/ shorter locomotives and rolling stock,(narrow gage),and

                          older era vehicles etc,

                          to utilize your indoor space,


                          my scale is not G scale/1.24,

                          but Fn3./1.20,

                          which is bigger yet,

                          1.20.3 rolling stock,

                          1.20 - 1.22.5 figures,

                          1.18 vehicles,

                          so I'm modeling/leaning to the larger size of a G scale layout,

                          for me like I said before,

                          I needed the ease of modeling in a larger scale for my eyes etc.

                          so far its been great,

                          I do not miss On30 modeling at all,

                          this larger scale is fully satisfing,

                          thanks alot Tom,



                          • Today I shimmed that corner section of the layout that new styrafoam terrain with some styrafoam shims and got a coat of joint compound on it to get that gentle slope going down to the mine building,

                            Then I got another coat of dilutted joint compond mixture on the rocks/frocks of the canyon today,

                            then I got the 1st coat of color wash on the canyon rocks,



                            • I love this backdrop, Randy. Very efficient.


                              • Thanks frederic,

                                On the On30 layout I prepainted the backdrop before any scenes were created,

                                an in general solid dark forest,

                                this time around I wanted the background painting to be very specific to the scenes.

                                Me being a fly by the seat of my pants artist,

                                I just do it,and hope it will all work out as I see it in my head,

                                so far so good,

                                I've put in a little green moss around the rock canyon to get a feel for it coming to life,

                                I wiil add smaller rocks to the canyon bed and water etc. eventually,

                                This weekend I'll get some more trees built to picture frame up the rock canyon scene,

                                thanks for stopping in,