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"Columbia Pacific Mining Co."

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  • "Columbia Pacific Mining Co."

    The adventure begins again;

    have repainted the backdrop to "blue sky",

    will paint in the trees and brush later.

    Getting the benchwork in place;

    After I got the plywood down I laid out the railroad ties and the switches to figure out the railroad course;

    once the course is layed out I marked a line along the edge of the ties to follow with a jig saw and cut out the rail course from the side areas for scenery.( a cookie cutter effect )

    Then I put in 8" risers to raise the cutout rail bed areas;

    Thanks for watching;

    Randy May

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    Great start, Randy. When you work, you work!


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      Randy, that is some solid benchwork. I don't think that is going to fall down anytime soon. Great looking start to your Columbia Pacific Mining Company.

      Louis L&R Western Railroad
      Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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        Great start Randy, looking for more to come


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          Looking Good Randy, I am going to enjoy this build as much as the last one.



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            Thanks guys for the well wishes;

            Heres a few little Ford trucks I weathered up,

            I went with 1:18 scale on the vehicles,

            1:20.3 on the railroad equipment,

            and here are some Railserve figures who are also 1:20.3.

            Figures and vehicles didn't look right being 1:24 scale against 1:20.3 railroad cars,

            especially the Bachmann Railcar.


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              Heres are some pics of the 1:18 vehicles and 1:20.3 figures with the bachmann 1:20.3 Railbus,

              To me the 1931' 1:18 scale vehicles fit pretty good with 1:20.3 scale equipment and figures,

              1:24 scale equipment and figures are definatly to small to me for 1:20.3 equipment.

              Its the best we can do since there isn't 1:20.3 vehicles outside of the Bachmann railbus.

              thanks guys,



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                Love the Trucks Randy.

                Overall you off to a great start.


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                  Randy, the 1:18 scale vehicules look like they scale out nicely with the railtruck and figures.

                  Looking forward to more progress. :up:



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                    These trucks are nice, Randy. You should be able to make beautiful scenes starting with such good products.


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                      Wow, you move fast. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself.

                      It would appear you are hand laying the rail?

                      The figures and vehicles look good.
                      Tom M.


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                        Yes Tom;

                        I'll be hand laying on this lay out,

                        code 250 niclkle/silver rail,

                        I went with custom made switches from "Switchcrafters",

                        And with this scale,(1/2"+), the ties I could easley cut myself,

                        if fact most all my lumber needs I'll be able to cut myself!

                        Thats some of the pros going "RLS",

                        "Really Large Scale"!!as Verne says,



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                          I have to say I am kind of sad to see your last layout go but this one looks like it will be better then your last one. Hmm I think I spy some track plans mind sharing? Is this layout going to be based off your old one? I can't wait to more From you.


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                            Hey Josh;

                            thanks for stopping by;

                            Ya the On30 layout was coming along pretty good,

                            This layout will feel simular in scenery and era,etc.

                            tho I'm going with a mining theme this time around,

                            the trackage is simpler because in scale it is half again as large,that means half the scale footage to work with,

                            but it also gives my eyes a break for detailing things,

                            I went with 1:20.3/Fn3, because I can use smaller rolling stock for a large scale indoor layout, and older vehicles/pre 1931', because also there going to be smaller cars a trucks for scenes.

                            I kept my big trees I made and will use them on this layout,the forest again will seem big and thick, but the larger trees won't seem so massive to the scale of the rolling stock.


                            I'll see if I can get a picture of this layout plan for all to see.

                            Thanks again,



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                              Trackplan for the

                              "Columbia Pacific Mining Co." layout

                              in Fn3/1:20.3 scale,

                              My room is 11'4"x 22'

                              Download Attachment: cpm 014.jpg
                              107.65 KB