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Acrylic Paint -and- Air Brush Technique

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    Originally posted by RonH56

    Part of that may be that my Air Brushes are very inexpensive, does that matter? Does anyone have any input on the guns themselves??


    See my post above. As soon as my Grex arrives I'll do some tests. The Iwata is similar and you cannot go wrong with that one. Scotty Mason is a dealer for Iwata.

    Dave Mason


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      Interesting topic

      I guess the big question is what type of acrylic paint are you planning on using in the air brush? For painting buildings I use the craft store paint mixed 50/50 with blue windshield wiper fluid. For pressure I use around 40 lbs.

      For Citadel paint (Warhammer) I mix it with distilled water approximately 30/70 and spray that around 25lbs. Modelflex paint I spray full strength.

      I have painted for years with a single action Badger air brush (model 200) at around 25-30 lbs.

      I use a medium needle in the air brush as the pigment in acrylic paint tends to be big (especially in the craft store paint) and I have a small compressor with a 5 gallon tank (it does double duty with my air tools).

      I recently bought an Iwata double action air brush at CSS10 as the Badger is starting to show its age. I also like how easy it is to clean the Iwata air brush.

      Nothing above is written in stone, they are just my own personal findings and what works for me.
      Ron Newby

      General Manager

      Clearwater Valley Railway Co.