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  • All Members: Please Read

    Because concerns over possible copyright infringement have been raised recently, we need to remind all members that copyrighted material (photos, text, cartoons, etc.) - whether in print or found on a web site - may not be posted here on Railroad-Line Forums. This is a rule contained in the last paragraph of the Terms of Membership statement. The exceptions, of course, are if you own the copyright yourself or have the owner's permission to post the material here.

    (For those who are wondering about copyright ownership, if you take your own model and/or prototype photos, the photos are automatically protected under the copyright law and you are the owner.)

    So, the safest way to include photos (or other copyrighted material) found elsewhere on the web is to just include the link to the photo on the original site, giving credit to that site. For example, "here is a great photo of an XYZ engine that I found on the Univ. of Washington website," and then include the link.

    Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.