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New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves II

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    Hi Mike, I'm really happy you joined the forum. This will be a great place to showcase your fine work. Everyone here shares their ideas and skills. It's a great place to be. Great meeting up with you again! [:-apple] [:-apple]
    Mike Hamer

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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      I live in Slovenia. So you don’t have dig out your atlas or load Google Earth, Slovenia is in Europe – south of Austria, east of Italy, and west of Croatia. It’s a small country (about the size of the State of New Jersey) with about 2 million population, but includes a little bit of all the best parts of Europe. Unfortunately, the nearest model shop is several countries away.

      I’ve been a model railroader ever since I got my first Lionel trains for Christmas in 1948. Switched to HO in 1954 and to On30 in 2007.

      I now freelance my layout, although from 1969 to 2007, I modeled the Southern Pacific (1946-1955 California).

      Currently, I am in the 1939-1941 period in the western U.S. (heavy California influence).

      I have a 75 square meter (800 sq.ft.) flat for my trains. The three primary layout areas are two rooms of 3.5x5 meters (11.5x16.5 ft) and one room of 3.5x3.7 meters (11.5x12 ft). I currently model in On30 and I am just beginning a completely new layout.

      I like modifying locomotives and rolling stock and building structures. I think I like scenery construction the least because I have very little experience in that area.

      I use Digitrax DCC, no sound.

      Besides model railroading, I enjoy family, cooking, photography and travelling.

      Lindsay Western RR


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        Hello all good to be here mi Harry looking to get a lot out of this .have lots of questions,

        my layout will b 17x8. all to get help on a lot of things,well have pis as i go a long.

        Thankyou all



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          Welcome aboard all.This the best place anywhere on the internet, For any info you can think of. Good luck with your mission and again welcome aboard.


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            Ask all the Karl's. God's of Modeling. LOL Everyone here are great modeler's.


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              Hi folks!

              I live just north of Washington DC but my brain is usually somewhere else. I am nearing retirement and looking at model rr to kill all that extra time I hear advertised. I've dabbled in model rr over the years, but never done anything serious. My grandad worked for the ATSF for fifty years in the northeast OK area, starting as a cabinetmaker. He even let me drive a steam loco onto the turntable at the Cushing yard (now gone)when I was just a pup. So I've got some great memories of that era.

              I started collecting ATSF stock a few years ago in N scale and think I may model the Cushing station/yard in N to start with and for practice. However, N is getting to be a little more than my eyes and motor skills can handle, so I'm thinking long term I'll go HO and am really intrigued with the modeling possibilities of the PRR.

              I would have to say my primary interests revolve around the planning, benchwork, and electrical - not so much operation, but that's because I've never had an operation to operate.

              I've learned a lot from a number the topics here, so thought I would drop the anonymous and join in.


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                Mike, Storey, Harry & Pop,

                Thanks for introducing yourselves!

                Pop, watch out. I've gotten less accomplished in my five years of retirement than I did while I was working.


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                  Mike, Storey, Harry & Pop, welcome to the RR-Line Forums.


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                    Welcome aboard, Storey, Harry, Dennis and Pop. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourselves.

                    The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


                    • Hello modelers, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Keith Gamble. I am from Anderson Indiana. I am a 37 year old Electrician. I have been in this hobby for over 22 years and it all started with a vintage lionel train set I found in the rafters of our garage in the house when I was growing up. The set belonged to my step father when he was a kid and said if i could fix it ,it was mine. So obviosly the bug bit and it went from there. I am a regular exhibitor at the local train shows with a portable On30 section from my home layout.

                      I model a fictitios Narrow Gauge RR called the Carbon Creek RR set in West Virginia in the 1930's. It has a connection with the standard gauge Shadowton Ridge RR Seen in ModelRailroader magazine in October 2010. Mid point is were 80% of the CCRR coal is transfered via a prep plant loadout facility. 20% percent goes to the railroad operations,a powerhouse in Kettletown and heating for local homes and businesses. Communication will be done through telephone communication at varios stop stations. It has Digitrax dcc and on board sound. Some Parts have lighting but more will come later.The Layout started as a 300 ft. mainline, but the family needed the area of the basement for other things, and before the project got to far along, I abandoned that section and reinvented the surviving part to what it is today. It currently occupies a 18ft.x12ft. L- shape area part of it is double decked making it 145ft.of mainline with 45ft. in the helix. I scratchbuild almost every thing except locos and hopper cars. thats were my money goes. I enjoy building with raw materials for the challenge in stead of Out Of The Box Hobbies. There doesnt seem to be alot of scratchbuilding like there used to be. I gues it has become to easy to let someone else to it for you. Anyway, I hope to meet Modelers with the same views as mine. Hopefuly I can be an asset to the forum like everyone else. Thanks. Happy building. P.S I will send Pix of the RR.


                      • Greetings,

                        Introducing myself to the forum and looking forward to learning and contributing. I am a 40 something resident of Texas, I live between Houston and Galveston. My interest is N scale and I'm relatively new to it. I started a hollow door layout last year and have made steady progress. I have 20 years of scale modeling experience and have won some awards and done comissions and museum work, but never railroads. While there is some carryover, I am amazed how many techniques and methods never cross the hobby shop isle. I have much to learn and perhaps can contribute some things.

                        I also enjoy light railfanning, and live close to both UP and BNSF main lines.

                        My era is early 60s to modern and prefer diesels, I model generic (large dose of UP, MKT, MP, and SP) and use both Unitrack and Peco, and am currently in the scenic part of my layout.
                        Scott H

                        Friendswood, Texas


                        • Keith & Scott, thanks for taking the time to make the introductions. Welcome to the Forum.


                          • Hi Keith and Scott.

                            Thanks for the introductions and I look forward to your continued participation.


                            • Keith and Scott, thanks for stopping by to introduce yourselves.

                              The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


                              • Hi,

                                I'm a French modelrailroader, and I'm 54 year old. I live in Clermont-Ferrand (in the center of France...) and some of my French friends are on your forum . I practice U.S train in the On30 scale and N scale. I will try to make some photos of my motive power in On30 and my layout in N Scale. You can see some of my production on my homepage.

                                Excuse my English a little bit approximative....