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New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves II

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  • Many thanks Bruce! Glad to be here.


    • Since I have already been posting here it's time that I introduce myself.

      I live in San Bernardino, and have lived in Southern California all of my life. I have been into model railroading since I was a kid. Most of my layouts have been in HO, but I have also done N scale, Lionel, and On30.

      My current layout is in 1/35 scale, two-foot narrow gauge. Using 16.5mm gauge comes out to two-foot or 35n2. This allows me to use HO and On30 mechanisms for locos and rolling stock. My layout is a 'U' shape about 8 x 14 feet with room for future expansion, and is located outside under a covered patio. Rail is mostly handlaid with scratch built stub switches and some Atlas Switch Kits for point switches...I just can't seem to be able to build a point switch. I use BPRC (battery power remote control) for control using off-the-shelf RC components. 1/35 scale means everything gets scratch built except for vehicles and figures. I use 1/35 scale military figures that get altered and painted.

      I model the desert region of eastern California and western Nevada. Think Death Valley, Beatty, Goldfield, Tonopah, and Bodie. I took the names of counties in the area to come up with a name for the line; Nye, Inyo and Esmeralda Railroad. Basic scenery is screen material covered with mortar, dirt, sand, and rocks. The line hauls mainly borax and salt.

      Equipment is on the funky side with that home-built well used look to it.

      Many 'towns' started life with a saloon and so far I have three; The Bloated Goat and the Bad Burro Saloon at San Miguel, and Woodie's Cantina at Whiskey Flats. I'm sure more will follow.
      Michael M

      Nye, Inyo & Esmeralda Railroad


      • Was planning my first post and realized I hadn't introduced myself, so here goes:

        I started in this hobby as a kid and after coming back to it after college (about 10 years ago) I started to focus on the AT&SF & predecessors circa 1890 in HO scale. I'm working on a layout but my focus is on building rolling stock and engines-my first engine project is in early R&D stage right now. I'm also interested in TT&TO operation.

        Here's some pictures of roundhouse cars I've recently painted and a link to a video of my scratch built circus train operating at a local club.

        I'm from Auburn Hills, MI.

        Phil Ruehl

        Auburn Hills, MI

        Modeling the AT&SF circa 1890


        • john_holt
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          Hi Phil....Welcome to the forum.
          I enjoyed your video and was wondering are the Roundhouse passenger cars for the circus train? Gotta have some folks to handle all those critters.

      • Welcome to the Forum, Phil. I enjoyed your YouTube video.

        BTW, I'm just up the road from you in Holly, MI.


        • Welcome aboard, Phil. Nice paint job on the cars.

          With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


          • 1) Where do you live?

            Chicago suburbs

            2) How long have you been a model railroader, and how did you get started in the hobby?

            I have been into trains for as long as I can remember. My earliest recollection of running trains on my dad's model railroad would be at age 3. His layout was based on the "Great South Pass" project railroad in "Model Railroader" in the mid-1950s.

            3) Do you model a prototype railroad or freelance your layout?

            I model Great Northern and Northern Pacific motive power and equipment, and any equipment that would plausibly run across those railroads in 1952.

            4) Do you model a certain era and/or geographic region?

            1952. On the Spokane Southern, it is currently August 19, 1952. The day advances every three operating sessions. My railroad is based in the region south and southeast of Spokane, with sub-divisions (not modeled) up to the Canadian Border.

            I run regular operating sessions, and have run 51 sessions over the last five years since my railroad restarted operating sessions. I operate under Timetable and Train Order rules (Condensed Code of Operating Rules).

            5) How large is your layout and what scale do you model? My layout is basement sized, approximately 11 miles from west staging (Spokane and Cle Elum WA), to east staging (St. Regis MT). I model in HO. Unfortunately, about 7 of miles are in a helix that allows me to transition between levels on the newest part of the railroad, and to my old portion of my railroad in another room of the basement.

            6) What's your favorite part of the hobby? And what do you enjoy least?

            My main favorites are scenery, and building / painting / detailing motive power and equipment.
            I least enjoy trying to figure out Decoder Pro and how to make ESU LokSound locomotives do what I want them to do. I have little to no interest in Arduino projects, JMRI, signal systems (other than eventually installing actual train order signals (with LEDs, not semaphores), but will use the NCE command system to accomplish that task (using accessory functions).

            7) How do you control your trains (DC, DCC, or something else)?

            NCE DCC, with radio

            8) Tell us anything else about yourself you'd like us to know.

            I started 3D design and printing a little over a year ago. Major projects I've completed include a model of Kankakee Bridge which resides on a friend's ICG railroad (he did all the installation and finishing). Working on a 4000 gallon tank car now based on the plans in the 1994 "Model Railroader" article. My model utilizes a combination of 3D designed and printed parts that I did, and Tichy details out of their 10K tank car kit. My printer is a Prusa Mini, which is a filament type printer. Will be diving into a resin printer later this year or early next year.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4792.JPG
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ID:	962194

            The completed car is my "alpha" build to make sure what I was printing was build-able. I am no making another six "production" cars for myself and three close friends that are helping me build the basement behemoth.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Start of production.JPG
Views:	115
Size:	47.0 KB
ID:	962195

            I retired two months ago. I was a Director of Customer Performance with responsibility for international locomotive service for a major locomotive builder. Retired with 38 years of service.

            Jerry Z aka GNNPnut
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            • BurleyJim
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              Welcome aboard Jerry! Sounds like you might have worked in McCook. We moved from the Southside to Indiana 43 years ago and have tried to not look back. My dad put in 43 years at EMD and was a plank holder. So as a kid, I would go to the Christmas party's and get to run the training simulator. Of course we had American Flyer, and enough rail to send the gondolas into the kitchen, where mom would put Walgreens sized sandwiches in them for delivery to the crew.

              I've been modeling ever since. I painted brass O scale engines during the early 70's for the old All-Nation Hobby Shop on Madison St. Had a 17'X17' N-Scale layout. N-Scale hadn't quite caught on in the US, and I bought a ton of it in Italy. Ended up selling it to a guy in Burr Ridge that owned a foundry.

              We moved to Indiana, with a lot bigger yard, and I got into 1/8 scale Live Steam. Built a 4-4-0 Atlantic, and had about a quarter mile of rail. Ended up selling that off when my 3 boy track crew, discovered girls. Work was always a problem as 60-70 hour work weeks gave no time for hobbies. I retired 21 years ago, from my real job, then started my own corporation for about 7 years and was an adjunct professor at Purdue during that time as well..I finally pulled the plug on that operation, and really retired.

              So, I got back into modeling with HO Scale. I worked through the process and became an NMRA MMR. Almost all of my structures have been designed and 3D printed with first my homebrew filament printer, and then with a commercial printer that I was involved with the design of. I like your tank cars, and wish you success in their production. I built a flat car with a pipe load that was used for pipeline construction, and the 'old school' NMRA judges couldn't imagine anyone could work not in wood or (gasp) styrene. Finally after a few years, thinking has changed to match new technology. I just started doing some resin printing with an Elegoo Mars. Just another rabbit hole to follow.

              Again, glad to have you aboard the Railroad-Line crew.


          • Welcome aboard Jerry! Filiment tank car looks great. I do a bit of printing using two SLA 1st generation elegoo mars.



            • Welcome aboard, Jerry. That's a nice looking tank car. I'm interested in seeing other models you've built.

              With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


              • Hi all,

                New to here but an old hand at model railways/railway/railroad modelling.

                Just started here as followed a link to one of my interests and it would not let me read it

                Anyway, joined and will catch up on several topics that interest me.

                What do I model?

                I have a wide spread of modelling interests - not just railway ones!

                Railway ones?

                American HO - New England Railroads - Pre Pan-Am era

                British 00 - Thoroughly Modern Modeling - but starting from the early 80's BR Blue period

                British N gauge - As for British OO!

                Darjeeling Himalayan Railway - multi era.

                General Railway modelling - Railways of Scotland, Railway Wagons of Britain, Military Railways of Britain.

                Also have military modelling IPMS(UK) member and specific interests and modelling British Railways in Military use - a series of diorama.

                So - that's me!

                Phil H


                • Philip
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                  Welcome aboard Phil.

                • jbvb
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                  Welcome. I maintain a New England Railroad page with history and modeling information:
                  I also have a thread here about my B&M Eastern Route HO scale layout. I'll watch for posts about your own modeling.

              • Hello, am an old member coming back. Username is HurleyStation. I model N scale. Moved to Mobile, Alabama about 11 years ago. Kept wanting to get restarted but hasn't quite happened yet. My railroad is called the Warrior River RR and is an imaginary line running from my youth in Ridgewood, Queens, NY to Vancleave, MS, Hurley, MS and ending in Mobile, Alabama. It is a combination of the GM&O, and Southern lines. All Steam. Also basically all stored in boxes Looking forward to getting back involved.


                • George_D
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                  Welcome back

                • jbvb
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                  Welcome back. I know a bit about railroading south of the Appalachians, but would be interested to see more.

              • Joined this Forum in 2006 but was not much of an active modeler while living In Texas. After retirement came and a move to Minnesota in 2011 we started to get active again. Found out the NE corner of this state is not where to modelers are located. Did join The Modelers Forum after an email from BVG mentioned a build of one of his kits and that site went dark today.
                Will also try to post a another intro.
                Tom Boyd


                • Welcome back aboard Tom. Looks like a few from the Modelers Forum might be rejoining the Railroad Line Forum. I had joined the Modelers Forum because of John Sekirks fine posts. Looking forward to some of your modeling posts.

                  New York, Vermont & Northern Rwy. - Route of the Black Diamonds

                  Main thread to all that's happening on the NY,V & N Rwy. The New York, Vermont -and- Northern Rwy. - Railroad Line Forums (

                  New York, Vermont -and- Northern Rwy HOn30 Quarry Line


                  • Hello all , like a few others in the last couple of weeks I have also joined here to find a new home because of Modelers Forum shutting down. I was one of the few N-scale modelers there , wonder if I will be one of few here as well.

                    My layout is a somewhat loose interpretation of the Clay Center Line of the Rock Island on one deck and the Santa Fe around Newton Kansas ( still have to start on this part of the layout ).

                    I am from the Netherlands , and besides model railroading I play golf and work as a golfclub fitter at a large golf store ( even for American standards ),

                    The photo is of Manhattan Kansas on my layout


                    • Janbouli, welcome and thanks for joining.
                      Nice layout.
                      Hope you post more pictures of it.
                      Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
                      FaceBook link:


                      • Welcome Janbouli, I'm sure you will fit right in with the rest of us!

                        "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln