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    Hi Joe and welcome to the forums.

    Nice modeling and photo. :up:

    As for threads on engine houses and saw mills, here's what I found:

    Engine houses

    S. Pettit inspired engine house scratch build -

    S. Pettit inspired engine house group build Vol II -

    On30 Engine House Kit -


    WRTco. Engine House -

    Small engine house -



    Britannia Creek Sawmill Construction -

    Backwoods Sawmill -

    Sierra West O Scale Sawmill Photos -

    Lou's Sawmill - from Badger Creek -

    There are more threads, just use the forums search feature to find them.

    Just remember to narrow your search's to only one forum at a time.

    I found the above topics by typing in engine house or sawmill and searching by title only.
    Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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      Thanks for the links.

      Joe Batson
      Joe Batson MMR#475


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        Hey Folks.

        Kind of a rookie at this forum scenario.

        I'm Marcel Morneau from Monroe Ohio (20M north of Cincinnati. I'm retired, enjoying the grand kids, fishing and Model railroading. I don't have a lot of experience in lay-out building but, I have a good eye for scale and perspective ( Tricks learned in military intel). Will dive into ON30 logging or mining operations. Will start small ( 4 x 8 ) and experiment with various aspects of the hobby. Will go DCC. Will have a lot of questions and will try to apply the KISS principle. Will be back soon.[:-chef]


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          Welcome aboard, Marcel. There’s a very active On30 group here, that I’m sure you have discovered. They are a talented bunch and you can pick up a lot of good info from them.

          With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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            Hello everyone,

            I've been a modeler of virtually everything from airplanes to trains for nearly 60 years. Yikes!! My dad got me into trains when I'd had a really bad day crashing some treasured free flight models and I've been here mostly since. Took a long hiatus when I spent 38 years as a locomotive engineer for the Espee/UP on the LA division. (I was flying full size airplanes then too) But got back to models when I retired. Back to On30 which is what I was doing when I last was doing this sort of thing. Wow, has this changed. Thank you Bachmann. Had a 20x30 foot layout in this scale and gauge with what is referred to as "critters" now-a-days. Plus a 44 tonner I scratch built. My wife bought a really nice house recently and I got the hole in the ground underneath , 22x37 feet! What a retirement gift!! It is home to my now abuilding Oregon Coast Line RR, a single commodity hauler (black sand ore) carrying the stuff from the mine to the ocean for shipping to yonder points unknown in the global economy..... This is similar to the business model of US Gypsum, but I moved to southern coastal Oregon because I like trees and water. I used to switch the plant at Plaster City and I don't want to do that again even in my basement! This is a point to point plan designed to run my scratch built models. As you can imagine, operation is not one of my priorities, though the layout could be operated with a crew if on the odd occurance anyone might show up in this somewhat isolated neck of the woods. I am deep in the process of sheetrock and electrical work and I sqeeze in benchwork when the opportunity presents itself.

            I am scratchbuilding a pair of GE U6b's for mainline power and my wife gave me a Bachmann Shay for my birthday. What a great model. It will pull the tourist train I have planned for the pike. Any revenue is good revenue. I have some surprise locomotives planned for later on so stay tuned to my blog site found elsewhere on this site.

            I lost most all of my models from previous years in various moves so have had to start all over again. Never operated with anything but straight DC. Will definately go with DCC here and sound in everything that moves and some things that don't. No signals. If a crew shows up we'll go to train orders.

            I've been involved in some sites that seem to be more dead than alive. Hope this one is ALIVE. Glad to be here.


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              Welcome aboard, Hoggerblogger. If you look in the On30 area, you’ll see that this place is alive. I looked at your blog and it looks like you’ve been busy and have a lot to contribute to the forum.

              Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself.

              With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                Hi everyone. My name is Jordan Popp and I live in Cornell, Wisconsin. I am only 17 years old but my parents haave pictures of me playing with wooden trains when I was a year old. So I could say I have been into trains my whole life. I got my first model railroad planning in 2003 along with my first HO train set. Ever since I went to my first model train show in Madison, WI and saw an Appalachian based layout I have been in love with coal railroading. I have always wanted my own railroad so I am going to freelance. I have been working on putting my railroad on the map. It will be a coal hauler with a healthy dose of bridge traffic based in Kentucky and Ohio. Once I have the whole railroad on a map I will share a more detailed version of the railroad. The area I have to model is 22'x11'. Haven't started anything layout wise yet. This will be my first layout so I don't know my exact favorite part of the hobby. What I enjoy least would just be the cost and time to work on the layout. I plan on using DCC. I have been looking at NCE DCC. I will have many questions to ask. Thanks everybody.

                Modeling The Wisconsin Northern Railroad

                "The Weyerhaeuser Route"


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                  Welcome aboard, Jordan. That’s a nice sized area you have for a model railroad. Keep us posted on your layout.

                  With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                    Hi! I’m Bill Allen and live in Stuart, Iowa. I’ve been in model railroading all my life. My father was a model railroader so I just kind of grew up with it. I think I was four when I received my first Lionel set, I received my first N scale trains when I was five. I have vague memories of a battery powered tinplate set before the Lionel. From N scale I went to HO and then joined the On30 crowd a few years ago when I noticed the eyes weren’t what they used to be.

                    I tried prototype modeling when I first moved to On30 but found that I was always straying off the path of righteousness as there were things I wanted to model that didn’t seem to exist. Plus the research was taking far more time than I wanted to give. So I joined the freelancers, though high levels of precedence and plausibility are important to me as I decide how the railroad is going to go.

                    I model a small narrow gauge short line, the Arbor Creek And Middle River Valley Railway, set in southwestern Iowa in the first decade of the 20th century. It’s primary purpose is to haul coal from mines in the Middle River Valley to a CB&Q branch line, about 10-15 miles away. In reality I haven’t started building the layout yet. It will be in a 13’x13’ area in our basement. I intentionally decided to build a small layout. There will probably be only 3-4 engines and a couple of dozen cars on the whole thing. I am a detail fanatic and like to spend a completely silly amount of time detailing a piece of rolling stock to kind of ridiculous levels. It’s just kind of a sickness I have. Right now I’m building some rolling stock, and researching the era and area as well as developing a history of the railroad. Hopefully this winter I will start on the layout itself.

                    I would have to say that my favorite part of the hobby is modeling steam locomotives. While I have no romantic notions that from a business sense they were in any way superior to diesel locomotives, I simply like them and want to model a time during which steam was king and there was no hint that it would ever be otherwise. Least favorite…I don’t know, maybe electrical work? I really enjoy all facets of our great hobby.

                    The layout will be powered by DCC. I have Tsunami decoders in the two engines I’ve been working on so far. The control system is a MRC Prodigy Express.

                    In the non-railroad vein, I live on a small farm in Southwestern Iowa with my wife and adult son. I work as a research technician at Pioneer Hi-Bred in Johnston, IA.

                    Thanks for being here.
                    Bill Allen

                    Arbor Creek & Middle River Valley Railway


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                      Welcome Bill glad to hear a little about you and your layout. I hope you will find a lot of good info to help you in your modeling.



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                        My name is Robert Hough and I live in Banning, California. I have been a model railroader for about 38 years. I started reading Model Railroader magazine when I was in high school so I could have good scenery for my HO slot car layout. Later in the Army stationed in Germany I started modeling in N scale. When I got back to the states stationed at Ft. Ord, Ca. I switched to HOn30 and some HO. This was in the late 70's and I joined the old John Allen group. John had passed on but the group was good. I went to HOn3 and HO dual gauge layout. Now I have a Fn3 layout in the back yard and a On30 layout indoors.

                        I do freelance but try to follow protype practice.

                        My On30 layout is based in Alaska with a mining theme. Mt mines to costal ship exchange.

                        My outdoor Fn3 represents a narrow gauge branch line that would have served the local business in the area including a gold mine and mill and cattle. It will interchange with a standard gauge line.

                        My favorite part is building the scenery and watching the trains run. Operation would be good but I dont do that alone. My least favorite would be the wiring.

                        My On30 is dcc using NCE power pro radio. My Fn3 is battery powered radio controled using Airwire.

                        My wife Janice is not a model railroader although she does have Z scale engines and rolling stock waiting for me to rebuild her coffee table layout. I'm in trouble. She is music gifted and comes from a Rock Island family. She can be very helpful with her advise. Pictures will have to wait. Thank you.

                        One last thing I was born and raised her in California but lived in Colorado for 10 years and have several Rio Grande engines and rolling stock and its get hard to marry the two together on a California layout.

                        Robert Hough


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                          Welcome to the RR-Line, William, John and Mike. Thanks for taking time to introduce yourselves.

                          With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                            I'm Wolfgang Dudler from Iserlohn, Germany. I've started again with model railroad in 1975, N scale at that time. But I've changed in 1980 to H0.

                            My basement empire is the Westport Terminal RR, a freelance private roadname RR set in 1970 - 80. I like to operate with car cards & waybills.

                            Now I'm into Hon3. Currently I'm building a stock yard for my NG module Salina. It's fun to build one project AND have the chance to operate a layout.

                            I'm very active at the FREMO and participate in quite a few meetings.

                            come to us

                            Pueblo & Salt Lake RR


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                              Hi Wolfgang nice to hear about you and your modeling interest. Enjoy your time on the forum.



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                                Hello, Friends:

                                I've been a "lurker" on the forum for a long time, but did all my posting elsewhere. I've decided it's time to come over and meet some new folks, so here I am.

                                I do not currently have an operating layout: I've been focusing on craftsman structure kits and completed a few smallish ones. I'm currently about 3/4 of the way through my first George Sellios kit (Avram's Bakery) and am also progressing through Scott Mason's Laskey Cabinetry. I have a few small dioramas completed and waiting for the day they are "planted" on my or someone else's layout.

                                I'm in the far western suburbs of Chicago, not far from the Eola Yard and the ol' Aurora Roundhouse (now Walter Payton's restaurant. I've diorama'ed Scholz Blacksmith and Eleanor's Quick Lunch by Fos, and a couple of other small structures.

                                Looking forward to your advice and tips, and thank you for the warm welcome.

                                Dave K. (kruisyk)

                                "Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate."