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New Members: Please Introduce Yourselves II

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    Hi Mike nice to read about your layout and glad you joined. Like you I would have to label myself an so-so modeler but I enjoy the hobby and try to get better. I have found out if you have a question just post it and the members of the forum will do what they can to help out.




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      Welcome to the forum, John and Mike and thanks for taking the time to introduce yourselves.

      Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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        he everyone, my name is michelle williamson, and i am a Z scale (and a t-gauge) owner, looking for ideas for my layouts.

        1) Where do you live? i live in Midwest City, Oklahoma, a small suburb of Oklahoma City.

        2) How long have you been a model railroader, and how did you get started in the hobby? My husband is into N scale.and he had a club he go too every thursday in columbia, SC when we lived there, and id go along, just to be with him, i got my own 1st z scale about 6 months into dating him at a train show his club was having, and recently the t gauge.

        3) Do you model a prototype railroad or freelance your layout? i havnt really thought much about this part, i model a layout depending on what i can find for the scale.

        4) Do you model a certain era and/or geographic region? nope, anything goes

        5) How large is your layout and what scale do you model? im just aquiring a former member of the OKNRAIL ( z scale layout, it measures about 6 feet by 3? (i think) and i have some custom fit t-track type layouts made for the displays i have at the club in OKC

        6) What's your favorite part of the hobby? And what do you enjoy least? scenic design, love to make the stuff. least fav? having a bunch of ment think i cant contribute because im a female (sorry guys)

        7) How do you control your trains (DC, DCC, or something else)? mines got a controller that i can adjust the speed, and i rarely have to tend to the train once shes running on her track

        8) Tell us anything else about yourself you'd like us to 43, a female, mother to a 16 year old. and seeking ideas and information on scratch building in z scale

        9) Post your picture - if you dare


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          Good morning Michelle and welcome to the forum.



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            Welcome Mike and Michelle.

            Glad you could join us.


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              Welcome aboard, Michelle. I envy you having the eyesight to work in z scale. Glad you took time to introduce yourself.

              Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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                Well here goes!!! My name is Gregg Sigler, I live in Greenville, OH and I am a small business owner. I model N scale in what used to be a 10 X 12 room. We are in the process of moving into a larger home so the Freeport & Muddy Creek has suspended operations until such time that there is new track laid. I received my 1st Marklin Z scale train set at the age of 5, {my Aunt worked for the military in Germany and was home for the holiday} So that was my present that year. The FMCRR is a freelance, modern day grain and automotive parts carrier. No certain era other than present day and I would suppose someplace in the Midwest.

                My favorite part of our hobby would be the challenge of detail work. I feel if I can make a good macro'd picture then my attempt at finer details is working. I run all Digitrax DCC and hope to never look back at DC and the countless hours of engineering that goes into making the layout work.

                I have visited many time to these forums and have always found a multitude of Great information from the Railroad-Line site.

                Thanks for all the hard work from all of the folks for keeping such an informative site going. I hope in some little way that I can contribute a bit of knowledge myself.


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                  Hi guys,

                  My name is Michel Drouin (64) and I live in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. I have been interested in modelling CN northern Quebec lines circa 1978.

                  Like many other model railroaders, it all started when a Christmass present in the form of a Lionel train set was given to me. (1958?) With my brother, we made a basic layout and over the years added few Marx cars and locomotives. We played much with these toys until other interest surfaced in our early teens.

                  In 1984, I bought an HO trainset as gift to my son for a special achievement and I will let you guess what happened. 26 years later, 6 layouts partially built later, I am still at it.

                  I retired in 2001 and after another move, a new layout was started. This 340 s.f. one is in our basement, has 160' long mainline. Except for scenery, all trackwork, hilly ground, DC electricity etc... has been done a long time ago and it operates very well.

                  Since 1997, I have built, reworked, painted and decalled about 15 CN locomotives and many cars mostly CN. My roster is 1978-1981 CN locomotives.

                  Being a lone wolf, I go down in the layout room and run my 30 car long freight trains out of the 4 freight staging yards. These slow drags take about 6 minutes to complete a run on the layout and return to their assigned place in the staging yard (open ended staging yard).

                  VIA Rail also operates many passenger trains out of the 4 tracks passenger staging yard.

                  There are only 4 major industries on the layout since railfanning is my favorite activity. Also a 5 track open-end yard is able to accomodate over 75 cars.

                  Operations are simple and depends on what I want to do at the moment. The Kiss system is always applied. I should not mention this but I run a 50 coal car drag pulled by two CN SD40-2W locomotives. Go figured that one for an Northern Quebec modeller ?

                  Model railroading is fun.

                  Michel D.


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                    Hi Michel glad to hear a little about yourself and your layout. Glad you joined



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                      Thanks for taking time to introduce yourself, Michel. Welcome aboard.

                      Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.


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                        Gregg from one Ohio member to another welcome hope you enjoy the forum.



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                          My name is Rich, I am 59 and i live in Bradford, Pa. I work in the Engineering field, and love to scratchbuild HO scale structures.

                          I was introduced to the hobby buy my Father, who bought our first train back in the fifties, which we always set up under the tree at Christmas. Since then, I have always wanted an HO scale layout. My layout interests have changed, since I began to purchase kits well over a year ago. I plan to do a logging layout in the thirties and forties in rural Pa, using mostly Steam Engines, etc.

                          Originally, I was going DC, but have recently been introduced to DCC by a friend & fellow modeler.

                          Also, I have enjoyed all the contributions here by all of the modelers and it is such a wealth of information, not found anywhere else. Everyone is friendly and I hope by joining that it will inspire me to complete my plans regarding my long-awaited layout.[:-bouncy]Once I progress on my current scratchbuild project a little more, I will post some photos. I am awaiting some purchased kits that I cannot wait to get and will begin building once they arrive.

                          The other 80 kits on the shelf, will just have to wait, lol. Seems like I have heard that one somewhere before!

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                            Gregg, Michael and Rich welcome to the RR-Line forums.


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                              My name is Joe Batson. I live in Fort Worth, Tx. and am a charter member of the Texas Western Model Railroad Club. I have been involved in model railroading for 60 years now and have enjoyed it very much. My grand father gave me a Lionel set when I was 3 and things have just grown from there. At present I have 5 certificates coming for the NMRA AP program and I'm working on my cars AP now. I joined this forum several months back, but am just now introducing myself. My main interests right now is logging railroads, specifically the Westside Lumber Co. of which I intend to model some portion of it in ON30. I like modeling in O scale as it is big enough to see everything though I am still an active member of the HO scale Texas Western. The Texas Western is based on a RR line from New Orleans to Denver and the D&RGW narrow gauge. Our layout is about 4000sq. feet.

                              I'm still learning the forum, and would like to know if there are some listings on saw mill and engine house modeling?

                              Joe Batson

                              Below is a picture of Chama, New Mexico on the Texas Western. The passenger cars are the Joe's Kwik Kit cars of which I am that Joe. The station and round house are scratch built structures used in the NMRA AP program. I built this whole scene.

                              Joe Batson MMR#475



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                                Welcome aboard, Rich. It won’t be long before it’s so cold in Bradford that neither man nor beast spends any time outside and you can concentrate on your model railroading. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your scratch build project.

                                Welcome aboard, Joe. Thanks for posting the picture of your nice looking layout. I’d like to see more.

                                Flying is the 2nd greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first.