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Guardhouse for the Gear Plant

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  • Guardhouse for the Gear Plant

    During WWII, the Navy built a marine gear plant to the east of the B&M Eastern Route, opposite the main GE River Works complex. Into the 1960s it had a high chain-link fence with guard towers. I'll get to that eventually, but I noticed a cast metal kit from Stewart that would serve as a guardhouse where the road crossed the B&M from the main plant:

    It's a pretty simple kit, except that the kit roof wasn't going to fit without a lot of filing, and I didn't like it much anyway.

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    Assembly is dirt simple, but before I applied the CA I spent a while with various files making sure the parts fit well. The windows had some flash, the edges of the castings had some too. I rubbed flat surfaces across a large file to level them off.

    The side walls interlock with the front and back. But the front and back stood a bit proud of the sides, so I had to file the edges down to where the cast-in block joints disappeared. I re-cut them with a razor saw.

    The supplied roof (I think) has a large protrusion in the middle which kept it from fitting as either a roof or a floor. Rather than file it off, I decided to build a styrene roof with both pitch and overhang, as appropriate for the New England climate. Its late, so I'll work out the details another evening.


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      Looks like you are having some fun.
      Chuck Faist

      Burlington, Ontario

      Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!


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        This afternoon I made a new shed roof from Evergreen styrene. The pitch is about 1 in 8.

        I used.020 V-Groove for the roof deck and side walls, scale 2x4 for the rafters and blocking at the back and .060 x .188 with the roof's angle filed on the top for the front. I scribed some grooves into the front to simulate individual boards.


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          I often wondered about these kits, James. I see them in my hobby shop, but I've never seen a completed kit. You're doing a good job with this one.