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  • Labor Day Monday Lounge Now Open!!

    Goooooooooood Morning, Crew!! It's a beeeeyooooteeeefuuuulll morning here in Southern New England, too. 8D Bit cooler, 51 degrees, but clear as can be. Eddie's Bake Shop in Ansonia was open just for a few hours for the commercial customers, so I was able to get our fresh bread, bagels, and pastries. [:-chef] On the way here I had to get more milk and half 'n half from the Get Grub & Gas. I thought I had left early enough to avoid the Grumpy Polish Lady [:-grumpy] but they seem to be on some kinda holiday schedule...she musta started at 7:00 instead of her usual 8:00. No sooner had I gotten out of the car and she started in on me. [!] Again with the [:-censored] door. The place has one of those door-buzzer-lock-thingies and she had it activated so the door wouldn't open. I knocked on the glass and I could hear her inside shouting, 'Hey you railroad guy, you pull door when I say OK..OK?' Well I could hear her saying 'OK', but I kept pulling and the door wouldn't open. She said 'OK' again, I heard the buzzer this time as I was pulling on the door handle (it's a swing-out-only door), and I almost landed on my dupa. :erm: I felt like an idiot because I should have known better this time. [:-paperbag] After I got our stuff and was leaving, I noticed the wood wedge for holding the door open was OUTSIDE...and this being an out-swinging door... I made like I was tying my shoe and slipped the wedge under the center of the door. When I got up, I gave it a good kick with my foot to make sure it was in there. She looked at me as I walked across the parking lot....toward her car where I sat on the hood! [}] She went running up to the door, went to push it open, and bounced off landing on her dupa! [:-dopey] Well, anyway, we have fresh breads and pasties including those danishes everyone likes and plenty of hot coffee. So what's on the board for today, crew? I just ordered some heat shrink tube from Micromark for my decoder and speaker connections and I'll put the last of the detail parts (for now) onto my Davenport today. This is it, guys...Gentlemen, start your grills!


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    Morning, guess I got here early. Thanks for all the breakfast. Spent yesterday at a family cookout then mowed the weeds er grass when I got home so no modeling yesterday.

    Cloudy in Central Ohio today but no chance for rain. I would like to get some work done on some structures today but my wife is having a party for her son tomorrow night so I will probably spend the day helping her get the house cleaned up for the party (always thought you should just wait to clean the house after the party) but after being married for 37 years I have learned to just do what you are told.

    Have a great day



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      Nice mild day in MI so far. We had overnight rain a bit and there is some clouds around with rain possible until noon or so the forecast says.

      No plans today, just taking it easy. Yesterday I spent about 3 hours mowing what here seems to be more weeds than not, too. It looks better mowed for sure. We have a couple chipmonks that have found out a way to get INside the bird feeder and they're getting past the 'oh aren't they cute' stage. Some for of discouraging them is in order.

      That Grumpy Polish Lady seems to have your number, Russ. Glad you managed to stage a comeback. Jim, hope the party goes well, I'm sure you'll have cleaning AFTER the party, too.

      Everyone have a great day.

      BE SAFE!!
      Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

      Cedar Swamp
      SW of Manistique, MI

      Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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        Good Monday Morning Everybody.

        56 and sunny at the moment while heading to 81 by grilling time.

        Thanks for opening Russ. To bad the GPL was there early, but you did manage to get your revenge on her. I'll have a pastry and a coffee.

        Not much planned for today as we are having a get together this afternoon.

        Leaving for school tomorrow around 10:00 so I can drop by the lounge before I go.

        Not much happening on the modeling front at the moment, but hopefully that will change over the next few months.

        Time for another coffee and look over the forum. Have a good Labor Day and God Bless.
        Scott, from the wilds of Carroll County, Ohio


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          Sheesh, Russ, don't let that escalate. I don't want to be reading about "Two Local Businesspeople Dead In Convenience-Store Shootout".

          Yesterday was track and backdrop work, today I'll paint over yesterday's spackle.


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            Morning Russ & crew!!

            Russ thanks for going to all that trouble for us, your a good man Charlir Brown

            Weather in the Toms River area of Jersey another picture perfect day. And another beach day coming up for Diane and myself!!!

            Well it's time to look over the forum have a cup of coffee to.

            Everyone have a great day!!!


            "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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              Good morning Russ and the rest of the crew. It is sunny and heading into the upper 80's here in the greater Omaha area. This is our last day on this visit with the grandkids. We hit the road back to NJ early tomorrow morning.

              Russ, sorry you had to do battle with the GPL in order to get our grub. Much appreciated, however.

              We went to the Botanical Gardens in Omaha yesterday. They have a great multi-level garden railroad there. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me. :erm:

              Enjoy the day!


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                Good morning all from northwest Georgia where the temperature was 53 degrees at 7 AM but is headed back into the 90's today.

                I helped a neighbor build a deck this summer and today he is taking those who helped out to lunch.

                May work outside for while before the heat arrives and then into the basement to work on Shelby's.

                Have a great day one and all.
                <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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                  Thanks for opening Russ! Yes, it's Labour Day and I am in my classroom this morning making final preparations for the new school year commencing tomorrow. I'll head home in the afternoon and visit friends and enjoy my last day of summer vacation! Have a great modelling day everyone! :up: :up:
                  Mike Hamer

                  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                    Good Morning All!

                    Not much to report from the land of Buckeyes on this 54 degree Labor Day morning other then I bought my HO locomotives home yesterday from the club and I intend to give them a GI cleaning that R.Lee Ermey would be proud of.Of course now I have to readjust my eyes to HO.[:O]

                    After working on my N Scale HO seems as big as 2 Rail O scale.[:O] Seriouly these units hasn't been thoroughly clean in 4 years and it past time and I have all winter to get the job done.I put this off far to long.

                    Gotta watch those grumpy women since they're everywhere!

                    I shall have a cup and look over the forum.

                    Have a good'un! :up:


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                      Good morning everyone. It's still morning isn't it? Anyway got to run. They're having a big sale at the dollar store [:-propeller] Don't want to miss it[:-dopey]


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                        Good afternoon crew. I had a lousy night last night with my positional virtigo that hits me when I sleep. So I am very low key todays letting the after effects wear off. Barbequed a bushel of red peppers and then skinned them and put them in the freezer. Doesn't make many but are they ever good. Have a great day.
                        Chuck Faist

                        Burlington, Ontario

                        Enjoy yourself it is later than you think!