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  • Coast Line RR vol. 3

    First posting! A brand new, unblemished thread, soon to be blemished

    I've been working on the passenger steamer again... a really slow process compared to the square structures... Just roughing in the lower deck to get the main features in place before the first painting session. I have cut the second deck too, but will have to finish most of first before that is installed. Today I also ordered a few fittings (lifeboat, davits, navigation lights, ships dog)for this build.

    Troels Kirk

    Näsum, Sweden

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    Hi Troels,

    I haven't been saying much but have been following your build with much interest, and will continue to do so. Great work all around! And nice looking boat you've got started.



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      Wow! It was only yesterday that you started it!

      Congratulations on 200 pages! Here's to another 100.

      What's the superstructure made of? It looks like black card.



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        That "super glue" must make ya move fast!!!! ;-)

        great start on the steamer Troels......


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          OK... how did you prime the foam to get the white hull to come out so well?
          -- KP --

          Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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            Kathy, the superstructure is black museum quality matte board, free offcuts from my framer. Warps little and cuts easily.

            KP, I smeared the foam hull with spackle compound yesterday, and gave it a soft sanding today... what you see is just the spackle, ready for paint.
            Troels Kirk

            Näsum, Sweden


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              It doesn't look anything like TSS Earnslaw!!!!! LOL

              I don't expect any layout I post on a forum to ever reach 200+ pages - so congratulations and thanks for letting us look over your shoulder while you build. Looking forward to another 200+ pages. At this rate of progress, you will be completely finished by the middle of next year and then you can sit back and relax while you detail it all.
              Ian Hodgkiss#8232;

              The Steamy Pudding - NG in 1:24 scale (in progress)

              Frog Halt - NG in 1:12 scale (coming soon)

              East of the Wanganui River, south of Hokitika - NG logging in 1:43 scale (planned)#8232;

              Brisbane, Australia


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                Very nice. You are the MacGyver of modelbuilding. A toothpick, a string, a dab of white glue and some cardboard and you have a museum-quality model!



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                  Nice way to start page 201. Just such an excellent thread to follow.


                  "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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                    Hey Troels

                    Nice looking steamer....fine photo to start the new pages. Looking forward to your finishing it tonight sometime! :O)


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                      A great first page for vol. 3, Troels. This ship should be very nice. Will you have a crowd of passengers stare at the wharf?


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                        Troels, congratulations on volume 3, I hope you have many more pages of great work.

                        The little steamer is coming along quite nicely, it will look great tied up at the wharf taking on passengers.



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                          Troels, what a coooool looking boat. Congratulations on your new volume.


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                            Troels, I subscribed to this thread on page 101, went back and read 1-100 and what a thrill it has been to follow your progress. The "train ride" was fantastic. I continue to be amazed at your modeling and photographic skills. I also thank you for taking the time to answer the questions and fill in the details, I've learned and implemented so much. I'm new to the structure part of the hobby and I must say you have been a great inspiration. I'm looking forward to another 100 pages.


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                              I'm sure this has been asked before .. and answered but .. what are you using for lighting? The photographs always come out looking so good .. so how much of that is due (ignoring the modeling itself) to the lighting, the camera/lens/setup, post-photographic processing or combination of all three?