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    Lately I've been working on some new rolling stock for my yet unnamed On3 railroad. I've started, as I usually do, with flatcars and the first two are nearing completion.

    The first one is a scratchbuilt 28' car based on a NCNG prototype. I've been following drawings for car 413 in the 2008 Modelers' Annual, but went astray on a few points:

    It still needs brakes and lettering, and painted trucks, but it's turning out how I wanted.

    The other is built from a Grandt Line Bettendorf steel underframe kit:

    I'm not sure yet if this will stay a flatcar or be converted into a gondola... I think the WP&Y had some of these types of cars that they purchased secondhand from the Colorado & Southern, so I'm going to look into what they used them for.

    I'm also building a 26' boxcar based on another NCNG prototype that I'll post here once it starts looking presentable. I'm glad to be building again and am looking forward to the next (and next after that) project.



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    Great looking cars Cody!


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      looking good Cody.

      Not much I can offer, no complaints here.



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        Hey Cody, great work. :up: :up:



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          Very nice!

          Is this one of the cars you are looking for?


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            Those cars are very nice! Super detail and finish on the steel underframe car. Looking forward to seeing the boxcar.

            Thanks for sharing


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              Thanks very much everyone! The boxcar is getting a roof, buffers and doors today so expect a couple pics shortly.

              Larry, thanks for the photo! That looks like the kind but appears to have steel side sills? I think they were originally wood, maybe they were rebuilt with steel at some point?



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                As promised, a couple in-progress shots of my scratchbuilt boxcar. I gotta say, I'm pretty pleased with how this one is going. First of all, it's the most 'square' thing I've ever built, out by less than 0.005" according to my calipers and it's matching almost perfectly to the drawings I'm using as a guide (NCNG Boxcar #50), being only two scale inches too narrow (I can live with that!). I guess paying attention and working slowly really dose pay off...

                And an underside shot showing the simplified and slightly oversized draft gear I'm using:

                I like this set up because I can switch between Kadee #5's and Grandt Line link and pin couplers with ease. I've also made a jig with a #5 coupler lid which makes drilling mounting holes quick and easy.

                Now that the woodworking is done I can start with the detailing. More soon.



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                  Great work on the boxcar. I thought the flat cars were impressive but the boxcar looks to pass them both. Thanks for sharing with us.



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                    Thanks Steve!

                    I'd started out 8 or 9 years ago with O scale and went off in all directions (HOn3, HOn30, N, Nn3 etc.), I'd forgotten how much I like the heft of quarter inch scale.



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                      Nice cars, Cody. While I often regret that my taste for rubber gauging keeps me too long away from my Sn3 big layout project, I must say - like you - that building models in quarter inch scale is really something special.


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                        Wow... really nice, and it's wonderful to see someone using the plans out of a magazine. I really need to start doing that more.
                        -- KP --

                        Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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                          I like the boxcar, good luck on the details.



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                            Thanks Gents!

                            I have to make a trip for brake parts and truss rods before I get much further. I like to do the underbody before the superstructure, I find I'm doing less repairs that way.

                            I pulled the Grandt Line couplers off the steel underframe flat and am trying to work out how to fit a pair of #5s. I should have fitted them during construction...



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                              Cody - Great job on all 3! Love to see scratchbuilt stuff...keep it up!