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Making Video's of your MRR

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  • Making Video's of your MRR

    I will continue in another post to allow for editing.

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    Ok - I am jealous of all you guys that are capable of introducing a video of your work to the forum (or You Tube).....

    I am fishing for ideas and tutoring for taking the video and getting it to show....

    I have a Samsung SC-CD164 dvd recorder that records the movie right to a cd. This is not a problem, but when I view the darn thing in the VCR, it is about 3" square, and I dont know how to make it bigger for viewing. Oh yeah, I did read the book......somewhat.

    Maybe a copy of "Camcorders for Dummies" is in order for the Geezer?

    The main reason I bought the camcorder that records straight to a CD is to avoid this problem....Anyone with direction can step right in and offer guidance at will.....

    Thanks in advance,


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      Geezer -

      My "video camera" is a Sony Cybershot DSC-W50 pocket still camera. It has a movie mode that I use to create the video clips. These are .mpg files. I pull the files into MS Moviemaker to paste them together, edit out bits I don't want,add transitions and credits. Once I'm done, I save the compiled piece as a movie, then upload to YouTube. Moviemaker is pretty basic but you can learn how to use it fairly quickly.


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        You have seen my posted Youtube videos, they were done with one of those zip drive type cameras. I uploaded the clips (it fragments them)then used the simple movie maker that comes with XP, its great, allows one to build the movie complete with many many options for titles and transitions. I haven't tried my cameras that can make videos...but suspect they will work in the movie maker too. Check the setup on the movie preferences in camera..for size of video (320x4??) they might go higher. Of course you still get that 3x3 thing. I wouldn't worry too much about the 3x3 thing other than am I including the view.



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          I use a Sony Handycam SX30. For making videos for youtube (which is what I use it for) its really easy to work with. The video clips are recorded on to solid state memory which is transferred to my PC with a USB cable. These clips can then be imported into a movie editor of choice.


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            Thanks for the help gents - I just found out that

            I dont have the drivers for the SC-CD164 Samsung camcorder.

            I downloaded them from their site, but they are outdated.

            I have fired off an email for the new drivers and/or CD

            if one is available.

            Stay tuned.....


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              I'll stay tuned ... I am looking for a video recorder but have no idea what to purchase. I don't want to spend a lot but would like a reasonable picture. It needs to be simple to use or they have to include your book "Camcorders for Dummies" .
              Tom M.


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                Tom, et al - you might want to try to find

                a camcorder that is compatible with your

                operating system. I could probably record

                to the SD card (8GB) and go that route. But

                I like the idea of the recording to CD -

                there is probably a way I could read direct

                from the CD too...I will check that tonight

                and post results here, if any.


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                  How high a quality do you want in the video? I've used my digital cameras to shoot videos for a while now, and they produce what is good enough for me. I started out using my palm sized Canon Powershot Digital Elph with 5MP, moved up to a Kodak P850 with a longer zoom and 5MP, then a Canon Powershot S5 (8MP), and currently a Canon Powershot SX10 with 10MP. Most produced decently high quality video that needed to be edited and compressed to upload to YouTube, which also compresses them. I never had an urge to own a dedicated video camera, so the video capabilites of my digital still cameras have served me well enough.

                  A few of my videos on YouTube: Operations on a friend's layout:


                  Durango & Silverton double header:

                  White Pass & Yukon Railway trip:

                  There are 29 other videos on my YouTube ID. The D&S Double header video has had over 38K views so far!


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                    Do you mean that your camera burns to a DVD? A CD will pretty much not play in a DVD player. If it is a CD, then you can upload it to your computer and convert the footage into something that can be edited and exported in Quicktime or a similar format.



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                      Folks, I recall somewhere in all this forum there was a discussion about uploading photos, but I cannot for the life of me find it.. Would you know where it is, and tell me how to find it when "searching"... thanks!
                      California Central Coast On30