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  • Geezer,

    Looks like you are having quite the adventure here! But you'll be trailblazing for the rest of us, so that we hopefully avoid the same problems..



    • Thanks Les & Art -

      As les has mentioned before - Bachmann's wiring isn't the greatest....

      Too bad, cuz' I think thier loco's have the best detail, and run

      the best as well....I think they should follow the NMRA standard

      color application. It would make life a lot easier. ;-)

      Thanks again for stopping in....


      • Geez

        Thanks or aleast they can do is provide wiring diagrams for their locos, the interface connections and PC board. A friend said that the Chinese can't fathom why we would take one apart anyway, not along cut one up, so why would you care if they use a green wire instead of a white wire.



        • Ah-So!!!



          • ..........


            • Maybe they hire only color blind factory workers?


              • Ok guys....on a different note:

                On the "missing accessories bags" for the 2-6-6-2 Articulated:

                Bachmann was kind enough to replace both bags for me, and included

                some extra LED headlight assemblies. Thier courteous and speedy

                response to this issue will not go unnoticed. I dunno if I will

                go back to the "Miniature Tool Folks" after this.

                Bachmann assured me that "ALL" locomotives MFG today have

                at least a few accessory parts whipped with them.

                Nuff said, I wont beat a dead horse....

                Thanks for stopping in.....


                • I have a brand new Connie just sitting here, screaming for a 2nd try at this build. I am thinking it should maybe have one of those new fangled "WOW" decoders with the no stall feature. I will get back to you on this one....need to visit Backwoods Miniatures to see if I can get a kit.

                  I have also been kicking around the idea, maybe this kit would fit a Forney? How bout the Connie cab on the Forney???? Damifino! Lets see where it goes....Stay tuned.


                  • Geez,

                    I am interested in the WOW installed, I bought one last year sometime, for a connie install and haven't done anything with it. Are you saying you are looking for the Tank Version? or?



                    • Les - I will do a sbs on the WOW & K4 install.

                      I have another kit (saddle tank) conversion around here somewhere.

                      I found the tanks I got from you a few years back, and am thinking

                      if they would fit on a Forney. I am getting the itch to build something other than critters.

                      Thanks for checking up on me...;-)


                      • I've been away from the forums for

                        a while and just found this build.

                        Your doing great so far Geezer,

                        sorry to hear about the wiring.

                        I had to go thru the same process,

                        one colored wire at a time. Sorry I

                        did't continue to post online that

                        might have helped you. My build is

                        ready for final paint and weathering

                        but I didn't have the paint I wanted

                        on hand. In the mean time I got side

                        tracked by a WW1 Albatros model in

                        1/32 scale.

                        Good luck with the rest of your build


                        Pasco, Wa.


                        • Thanks for the update and support Carl, much appreciated.

                          I have another Connie and a kit in the works - I am a glutton

                          for punishment I guess, but this one should go along pretty

                          smooth.....I have already figured out most of the bumps

                          in the tracks....;-)

                          Stay tuned.


                          • Keep on keepin on Bill!

                            I have a Connie I want to do this to.

                            One thing, I NEVER liked the headlight where the kit places it.

                            ( I have no idea if it is prototypical or not. )

                            I'd rather mount it off to the side like on Mich-cal shay#2.

                            Anywhere but there.

                            Count me as tuned in!

                            BTW I have a few things from BWM in transit now one of which is

                            a dress up kit for the porter.[:-propeller]


                            • OK - so I got all the stuff I need, even found a tsunami 750 that I can hard wire in....

                              I have the boiler & cab removed and have started "noodling out the wiring" -

                              I must have had a color blind chinaman assemble this one, all the wires ,

                              save 2 (1 yellow & 1 brown for the motor) are red and black.

                              I taped some .008 bronze wire to the test leads,

                              to make it easier to test the wee small connectors.

                              I should be alright in the morning.

                              (I should be used to it my now....)

                              Comments welcome.


                              • Hey Paesan,

                                You want I should get you some Garlic bread to go wit dat spaghetti?

                                Holy Moly.