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    Did you check the connector on the pcb Bill ?

    That is if the 750 has one like the 1000 has, mine was a bit loose, just enough to lose a motor connection...

    cheers, Leo.


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      Ok...To begin with...the left side wiper wire was only connected with one strand


      I resoldered both sides with new wire after desoldering and cleaning the pads. I checked for shorts and both sides for continuity.


      This is what Bachmann gives you for motor wiring. Not orange & gray, but red & black.

      Gave the motor the same treatment as the pickups. Gray & orange wires. I also omitted the capacitor that was across the motor leads.

      At this phase, I took the unit to the test area, and was successful on getting the loco to moveboth directions on "DC"...

      Then I replaced the wiring for the headlight with blue & white wires (did not solder to the decoder at this time. I ran them back through the boiler and into the ash pan along with the rest of the new wiring.

      So, then the fun began....lost a screw out of the optivisor....burned my finger....dumped a cup of hot coffee in my lap....(a few expletives here)... :erm:

      I soldered the matching wires from a brand new tsunami 750 to the pickups and the motor leads....Took it to the program track...cafefully alligned the wheels and made sure that no wires were touching anything to cause a short.

      YIPPIEEEE! I'm home free!!!! [:-jumprefect]


      The Zephyr started flashing and the "Fault" light was flashing on the PB-100.....

      I shut it down.....I'll be back!!! When, I don't know.....Stay well.


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        Well Geezer, stay well you too! You're going to love that engine when it finally runs!!
        Troels Kirk

        Näsum, Sweden


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          Trying to help troubleshoot from a distance Bill...

          Is the motor electrically free from the frame ?

          Did you use this motor in the NCE test rig or another one ?

          Second Tsunami runs well with another motor ?

          Did you reset the decoder ?

          Normal current draw when on DC ?

          cheers, Leo.


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            As Leo says it is difficult to help from afar.

            I believe when the Zephyr flashes as you say, it is a short somewhere. The big question is where is that "somewhere".

            Take your time checking it out and I know you will find the fault.
            Tom M.


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              What i don't understand, is the fact that the motor runs both directions

              in the "DC" mode. (Orange, red & gray,black) wires connected together

              Runs well in both directions.....

              When I attach a decoder, it acts like there's a dead short!

              I do not believe that I can have 2 bad decoders in a row....

              absolutely not!

              Leo: I tested the decoder on the NEC tester you seen a page

              or so works fine.

              I will tear it apart again, and remove the motor this time

              for testing. I did check the motor contacts making sure

              they were isolated from the frame/wheels.

              I even resoldered the capacitor back across the motor

              leads....that didnt make a difference either....

              I am baffled...but, I will keep banging at it....

              It's only metal & plastic and a few wires....

              I may not be smarter than a 5th grader...but

              certainly above this issue....SHEESH!!!!

              Thanks for support Tom....I will keep at it....

              Thanks all for comments and stopping by.....


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                Geezer -

                Have you tried powering the motor via the decoder but bypassing the wheel pickups with jumpers to the rails? If that works, replace one jumper with wheel pickups and check again. If it works, replace the jumper and try the other wheel pickups. If the one rail/one wheel tests work for both sides, (in theory) it should work with both wheel pickups.

                Just a thought


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                  So the DC run was not on the track but fed by the wires and the decoder run was on the test track with a short showing ?

                  => perhaps a short in the pick-up on the frame ???

                  cheers, Leo.


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                    Hi Geezer.

                    I can't help you with the decoder issue, but here are some ideas from Adler Gulch, for painting your loco. I know it isn't much fun struggling with an elusive electrical problem so Hope you get it running soon so you can start having some fun.


                    • Jim,

                      Some great rust and reference pictures.
                      Tom M.


                      • Thanks Jim - will need lots of reference....

                        I WILL get the electrical fixed...garonteeeeed!!!!

                        Leo - Not sure what you mean, but I ran the motor with

                        leads from the track (DC) and again with leads direct from the

                        control throttle. The motor ran fine in both directions.....

                        I also noted that when you read across the motor contacts

                        with an ohmmeter, you should read a certain amount of

                        resistance....It was minimal, at best. Motor may be shorted somehow, but

                        I dont see it. It runs fine hooked direct.

                        John - thanks for the input: I have done the test that you

                        offer....The pickup's (all 8 - 4 on each side) are good and

                        each side is independent of the other (no shorts).....

                        I am going to order a couple new motors from Bachmann and

                        test them before I install anything....I am gonna beat this.....

                        I have another connie, but am hesitant to tear it apart.

                        Stay tuned.....With all you guy's help, it can

                        be resolved.


                        • Geezer, what Leo is suggesting is if you connect the motor wires direct to the rails rather than through the wheels/pickups/decoder does the loco run ok with the motor in the locomotive and everything in place.

                          If so then there is a short in the frame/pickups. If not then there is a short in the motor/motor mount.

                          So if the motor runs connect up the decoder but not the pickups. Run the wires to the pickups direct to the rail instead. If it runs then the decoder is not at fault. Keep narrowing it down until you have found the fault.

                          Good luck
                          Built a waterfront HO layout in Ireland but now making a start in On30 in Australia


                          • Ok - Update:

                            I got the wipers all ligned up ahd cleaned

                            I got the inside of the wheels cleaned (wiper side)

                            I was successful in making the loco run both

                            forward & reverse by connecting the pick up (red/black)

                            with the motor (orange/gray) wires connected

                            to the rails with alligator clips & long leads.

                            I also was able to run the motor directly from the

                  , in my summation, I am good to go.

                            Next: I will send both Tsunami decoders to soundtraxx.

                            I will update again when the decoder issues are solved.

                            Thanks for stopping in.....


                            • :up:
                              Tom M.


                              • Geez

                                Glad you are noodling thru this, I haven't opened my 2-8-0 up yet, tempted but will wait till I have the energy to do it and bust thru it rather than a pick up and put down. I did have wiring problems on the first bobbed tail forney, and did a lot of head scratching on that. The 2-6-6-2Ts are all directly wired that I did.