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    Thanks all for the re[lies and help.

    The decoder is fine - and I think I have it figured out.

    The problem is in the ash pan where there are 3 mini plugs,

    and the wire could cross polarity there. I will get

    it right this weekend!

    Jon - The primer is "Krylon" Camouflage Green. I picked up

    Ultra flat Black, Green and Tan while at Wally World. I was

    impressed because it didnt go on thick and it was

    dry to the touch in about 5 - 10 minutes. Actually, the

    green primer color looks like washed out "BDU's" think

    USMC or Army fatigues for the color. Heck, it might even

    look good alone with some weathering .....I dunno.

    Tom: I have a tender frame with great factory installed

    pick-ups, that I use (like your picture) That test is

    probably one of the first I make with all decoders,

    just to see if they work. Thanks for the post.

    Thanks for sharing Arthur..... ;-)

    Jim - My guess is you would let the smoke out.......


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      Here is a link to krylon camo colors:
      Tom M.


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        Thanks for the link and method Art !

        Now point at the stake you like and let me know how you want it:

        cheers, Leo.


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          Hi Bill;

          Green? WOW! That green looks totally charcoal gray on my screen. Its not the olive right? Does it have a Green tinge in real life?


          L&N nut



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            Krylon has Woodland light green and olive.
            Tom M.


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              Originally posted by Leo Starrenburg

              Thanks for the link and method Art !

              Now point at the stake you like and let me know how you want it:

              cheers, Leo.

              Lower right one is perfect. I love them medium done!



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                Will do Art, my idea of medium done is with just a hint of red left in the center ok ?

                You'll get it from French Limousine cattle, top grade beef !

                cheers, Leo.


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                  Sorry for interrupting your thread Bill,

                  how's the connie doing ?

                  cheers, Leo.


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                    No problm Leo - I aint so thin skinned as some of these guys....LOL!

                    Steaks look great! Ya ever had smoked beef???

                    I did a couple roasts last year when I was smoking some venison...

                    all came good....I like a little pink inside, but not bloody.

                    Connie will be up and running this weekend, unless I get

                    nailed with too many honey-do's...;-)

                    Jon - I would go and invest in as many colors as you like.

                    They certainly are "flat" and are a lot lighted (except for the black)

                    as pictured on the computer screen. As I said, the light green would

                    look great on a locomotive with some decent weathering & rust.

                    I considered leaving it that color & may just do that on the

                    next backwoods project.



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                      So...after all the headbangin' & fighting, I decided to dig out this decoder tester I made a while back. Only took about an hour to find it in all the junque....

                      I think it's a NEC tester....I forget....

                      Anyway, I gutted all the pc boards & wiring from the ashpan and traced every wire with the


                      Then, I put a bachmann known good decoder on the tester and made sure it (tester) was was.

                      Then I attached the tsunami 750 to it, rechecking connections as I went along......

                      All functions working....except "motor control"


                      I dunno if Soundtraxx will replace it or not, but worth a email anyway.....

                      I guess I will either see if I have another sound decoder or put this project aside til I get a new decoder.....Stay tuned.


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                        Isn't there a warranty on these products? The cost is high enough for us to expect they will work.


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                          I sent a email to thier support staff this morning....we shall see....


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                            Meanwhile, when I was digging around for the decoder tester, I found two (actually 3) new toys I had forgotten about:

                            A new dremel mototool and its press....I think I have a foot control somewhere too...

                            These toys, along with the optivisor should help me a bunch!!! At least maybe get the holes drilled right and in a straight line!

                            I'll be back tonight with some progress shots on something....maybe work on the scenery a while....dunno. I think Anita (Mrs. geezer) may have 1:1 stuff for me this morning....all have a good day.


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                              Let's hope Soundtraxx comes through with a replacement decoder.

                              Nice mini drill set-up.
                              Tom M.


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                                If you cleaned up your room and put your toys away like your mother [:-shake] told you to you would not have these problems![:-censored]

                                Looking forward to a picture of something.