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  • Wellllll......

    I put the chassis on the loop for a test run....runs fine(no sound yet)....But it will likely end up for sale, as it

    acts just like a Forney (ass end swings waaaaayyyy out). Unfortunately

    there are two places that are scenic with rocks and trees on the curve

    and I don't want to tear them out.

    TIFN - more to follow when speakers arrive.

    Comments welcome.


    • Geez,

      Thanks for the updates, Glad the 750 works. I guess I didn't know it swung out so much, I know the front end does, as I had to widen out some areas on the main part of the RR. I did it like the prototypes, got out the pick, and hammer...then a bit of everything gets tested forward and backward through any new track work.

      How does the back of the cab (resin part) fit in to the OEM Bachmann cab? do you just glue it in? or?



      • Les -

        The scenery for MRR is the most difficult part of the hobby

        for me. What I have done so far is suitable to me, and I don't wish

        to destroy it for the sake of one engine.

        The back of the bunker can be affixed either way -

        Glued (There is a slot provided in the new bunker for this)

        or it can be attached with a single screw passing through the new

        floor which is resin.

        The last time I did this, I went with the screw and it broke at least

        3 times. This time, I used gorilla glue and made things permanent.

        If you need to service the decoder or lights, all can be accessed

        by removing the cab.

        At this time,I would like to fish for some input.

        Facts: The 2-8-0 Cab is held to the boiler with a screw from inside the boiler.

        The boiler is held to the frame with a screw in front, and the two "hooks" on the rear underside of the cab.

        What if: One wanted to be able to lift the cab off and not have to remove the boiler as well?

        There is a small amount of room in the forward cab floor that one could drill a couple holes

        where you could glue/epoxy a couple blocks in the cab to receive the screws....Yes/No?

        I am afraid if I leave the cab loose, I may pick the loco up and send it smashing to the floor.

        BTW - the 750 decoder I found had no packaging, but it is steam, and has one of the best whistles I have heard.

        Comments always welcome......


        • Mucho headway today!

          I got the sound parts I was waiting for, (3/4" speaker & sound baffle) and installed that setup in the boiler. That part was NOT MUCH FUN!

          The boiler is in two pieces and in order to place the speaker forward of the connecting pin for the frame, you need to take the bottom part of t he boiler off and put the speaker/baffle there under the stack.

          The whole time, you have to keep the front light wires passed through two holes to the front of the boiler. Anyway, it is done, and I am siting here listening to the oilers and pop vales making noises. It came much better than the last time I tried this build.

          As I mentioned before, I am not going to shorten the front pilot but will add something to bulk up the front of the engine. I still have to deal with the lights and details.....

          Overall, I am a happy camper this afternoon & deserve a sip!!!

          Comments always welcome, thanks for the support.


          • Geez,

            Cool...I like the look, but a heavy tool box up front would be my choice, I am afraid you have more patience than me...guess that's why I haven't built one.



            • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I found my box of Bachmann parts...

              That's where the new stack came from.

              Thanks Les, I have a long way to go yet....but confidence is building and

              I am getting closer....;-)


              • I've always liked the look of these, but yeah, every time i see someone build one i think "nah" haha. very good work Bill!

                My vote for the front? How about a hose wheel?


                • Great job, Geezer! You got to the end despite the notoriously poor quality of the instructions. I never got anywhere with mine and got rid of it on ebay. I suspect yours will fetch a premium price.


                  • Andy - thanks for looking in - always a treat to hear from across the pond mate.

                    Yeah,, I thought about the hose reel too....we shall see - I will most deff junk up the front end.....


                    • She looks great Bill!


                      Originally posted by Geezer

                      it acts just like a Forney (ass end swings waaaaayyyy out).

                      Thanks for pointing that out, that's something I never considered.

                      Great job on dis by you.

                      An inspiration to all da youts out dare.


                      • Good looking conversion Bill.


                        • Thanks Art, Dave & Larry - you guys are the best with all the support -

                          I uploaded another "One of Geezer's Crappy Videos" to youtube - just

                          a short video on the bench track.


                          Nothing special.....

                          Comments always welcome.