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    Hello all

    I have been on the FSM forum for a couple of weeks and Scotty Mason and others suggested I should join this group. My main interest is diorama building and FSM and craftsman kits. I have been a so called armchair modeler for twenty or so years although I have been able to build a few small things. The very first kit I built was the FSM railcar shed and that was over 20 yrs. ago. I was able to post some pics of it on the FSM forum but can not figure out how to do it on this forum. I tried as per the tutorial but the image files would not transfer and I kept getting error messages. So first off I need help with that.

    This is a fantastic forum with an overwhelming amount of info and pics of some outstanding modeling. The construction threads are great and now that I finally have a space to build I am psyched to get going. I am starting on Duffys coal and if anyone has any pics of it or suggestions I would love to hear and see them.

    Kevin O'Neill

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    Hi, Kevin, and welcome to RR-L.

    There are a couple of possibilities for your difficulties with posting photos. First, if you are using Netscape or any older version of a Mozilla-based browser (Netscape, Foxfire, and some others), that's probably the cause. You should switch to Explorer and that will eliminate the software conflicts that seem to exist between the forum software and the browser. If you're using a Mac, IE 5.2 or the newest version (2.0.3) of Safari work just fine. If you're already using IE, then the next most likely cause is file size. If you can keep your file sizes at or under 100kb everything should work fine. There is a built-in file size limit in the forum software, and if your file exceeds the size it will be rejected (not uploaded).

    I hope this helps you. We'd really like to see your photos.


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      Welcome to the forum, Kevin.

      D&B Lumber Co.

      "The Best Wood You Ever Saw!"


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        There were a couple of pictures of Duffy's on the Forum. Here are the links. Neither were associated with a construction thread on Duffy's itself.

        The first is from Scotty posted back in November 2004:

        This one is from Chuck (wvrr) posted back in February 2004:


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          I am using a Kodak digital easyshare type camera and the photos are in the easyshare program and all the file sizes are 500kb and higher. How do you limit file size?



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            Hi Kevin and welcome.

            I also use the Kodak Easy Share program and must resize my photos.

            Here is a program that will help you do this.

            It is a free download.


            The second thread explains how to get the pictures to show up in the posts.

            A little tricky when you are first getting started but not bad once you have been here a while.

            Any question please ask for we like pictures better than anything else.

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              Come on in the waters fine - join in the fun.

              I saw some of your postings on the other "forum." I think you will find a bunch of supportive folks around here.

              Welcome aboard.



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                WELCOME TO THE FORUM, KEVINid="blue">!id="maroon">id="size5">id="Comic Sans MS"> It's good to meet you and we are glad that you have signed on.


                Originally posted by onl26

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                  Thanks, xnview works great so I am now going to try and post some photos.