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    This is as good an area to ask this question . After wandering around P & D Hobby , in Detroit , I decided to look for a 1/87 airplane ( NON war plane ) or army tank . The closest scale I found was 1/72 .

    Does anyone know of a 1/87 , or thereabouts , single wing plane and/or American army tank ?



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      It bears metioning that there are also some Norscot pieces showing up in Walmarts as well in 1/87 scale. The Cat D5G XL dozer and the Cat 906 wheeled loader are spot on 1/87. I should mention however that since these may be sold to the younger crowd the amount of detail is somewhat lacking in relation to the rest of the Norscot line. They are being marketed as "Construction Mini's"

      Nascar fans can find 1/87 vehicles from Motorsport Authentics called "Winner's Circle".

      Terry, Walthers has the Dougls C47 (pressed into civilian use worldwide) and the P51 Mustang in 1/87. For tanks, and anything military Roco Minitanks line is all 1/87 distributed by

      Huge selection.


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        Thanks ...why is it I never seem to look in my Walthers catalogue ? Don't know why I bought the doggone thing . I'll put it BESIDE the computer from now on .



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          Originally posted by Tabooma County Rwy

          Thanks, John, for alerting me...looks like I need to make a trip to Wal Mart (once the snow melts off). I'm always on the lookout for more vehicles. Even though I model 1972, I could probably fudge a little and use these vans. With a new paint job.....

          A friend sez that a drop or two of brake fluid and a Q-Tip will get rid of the "goofy designs" in a few minutes.

          Ken Olson


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            I took one apart and just dropped the body in lacquer thinner for a few moments and just repainted it.



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              Thanks, Ken and Chester, for the suggestions. I've used brake fluid to strip paint with before, but never lacquer thinner. Nice repaint, Chester! I've gotta get to Wal Mart...but...can't get anywhere right now with this winter blast we've got in the Seattle area! I'll be glad to see our weather moderate, even if it means more rain!


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                I read somewhere else that some liquid cement on a Q-tip will also remove the designs on these trucks. Of course I found this out after using 99% alcohol and rubbing for 10-15 minutes!

                A while ago I picked up some larger cast metal vehicles for a few bucks and wanted to strip the paint completely off but didn't know how. Someone somewhere suggested household paint stripper. I had some Polystrippa (I think that's what it's called), and it worked like a charm! Of course with the usual safety precautions - rubber gloves, etc. Cleaned it right down to the bare metal in no time. I imagine this will work also on these Wally World vehicles.


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                  Thanks for the tip, Bob, I'll give paint stripper a try.


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                    I bought some Athearn John Deere tractors at a Wal-Mart in TN for $1.65 each. I do not know if this is a better price than a hobby shop, but for me they seem to be harder to find since Walthers does not carry them anymore.

                    They had them in N, HO & O Scale.



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                      You are sure lucky regarding vehicles in Walmart. I have seen nothing in the Canada stores other than hot wheels and some larger scale or not scale stuff
                      Chris Lyon



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                        Nice van Chester, wish Wal-Mart K-Mart had N Scale. With so many nice vehicles available, almost makes me want to go HO.


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                          Just a quick up-date for HO modelers on the Fresh Cherries cars that can be found at some Walmart's.

                          There are also vehicles produced in other scales.

                          Just click on the products link in the upper left of the web page.

                          They will be adding 2 new cars to their collection soon.

                          I was in my local Walmart yesterday but they did not have them yet.

                          I have the original 4

                          1976 Ford Cruising Wagon

                          1981 Ford Escort

                          1972 AMC Gremlin

                          1972 AMC Pacer.

                          The 2 new offerings are the

                          1984 Ford Tempo

                          1979 Mercury Bobcat


                          As I model 1986 it is great to see these cars from that era being produced.

                          Walmart is fast becoming my LHS.

                          On another note you will probably not see any GMC cars produced form GM is worried about law suits and will not allow any to be produced in 1/87 scale.
                          <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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                            The two newest cars from Fresh Cherries have arrived at my Walmart.

                            They are the 1975 Mercury Bobcat and the 1984 Ford Tempo.

                            I model 1986 so these are very close to my era.[:-jump2][:-jumprefect]

                            Each car comes in 2 different colors.

                            The latest 2 cars come with rear licence plates which are the year of the car.

                            <img src="" alt="" /><br /><br>John Bagley<br /><br>Modeling the Alaska Railroad in HO in Wildwood Georgia.


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                              Too new for my layout , but to admit that I actually had a 1976 Pinto ( same as Bobcat ) and a 1984 Mercury Topaz ( same as Tempo ) , makes me wonder what I was thinking back than .



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                                I was in Wally world earlier today and the only 1:87 cars they had were some Nascar-style cars.

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